Places I Love: Marie Selby Botanical Gardens

My pale, Irish skin can only handle so many hours on the beach. Even with SPF 70, I somehow always end up lobster-red. So when I’m on vacation, I really love exploring all the area has to offer! Since I’ve been to the Sarasota area many times in the past few years, I’m pretty familiar with all the different neighborhoods and things to do. I had heard great things about the Marie Selby Botanical Garden, but never had the chance to visit until last weekend!  Now, I know a botanical garden may not sound like buckets of fun, but it’s actually really cool!

Most people don’t realize that Sarasota has a bustling art community, so there are a lot of museums and galleries to explore. Currently, the Marie Selby Botanical Garden has a special exhibit featuring the work of artist, Marc Chagall. It was a great excuse for my mom and me to sneak away from the beach for a few hours. These botanical gardens are truly an oasis with Sarasota Bay on one side and the (mini) skyscrapers of downtown looming overhead! 

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