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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Bostonista's Disclosure Policy

Bostonista Disclosure:
In compliance with the FTC blogger rulings, I wanted to create a page that promotes transparency between myself, readers, and companies I may work with now or in the future.

Occasionally I will receive products for free from a company in exchange for a review of their merchandise. I always disclose to the PR representative that I will make an honest assessment of the product on the site, or if I feel very strongly against it, will not be reviewed at all.
I try to be honest in my posts when an item was received for free, by using language such as “X Person at X Company/ X Company was kind enough to send me this product”; this is to be contrasted against language which indicates that I purchased the item for myself.

Advertisers are companies who approach me for advertising space on Bostonista usually as a sidebar or banner. I do not have a long-standing relationship with them, nor do I necessarily promote their products. 

Affiliate Network:
I currently work with RewardStyle and ShopSense. Both are advertising/affiliate networks that helps fashion bloggers monetize their sites. Some of my branded advertisements and links to products in posts are from this relationship and I make a commission from any resulting sales (RewardStyles) or clicks (ShopSense).

Sponsored Posts:
I do occasionally write sponsored posts as long as I am allowed complete editorial control. Sponsored posts are those in which I am compensated for writing and posting them on Bostonista.
These are clearly marked as Sponsored Posts in the title of the post as well as in the label/tags. I am a member of Clever Girls Collective and most of my sponsored posts result from this relationship.

Photo Credits:
Pictures and photographs for The Bostonista come from multiple sources including, The Fashion Spot, Style.Com, Just Jared, Oh No They Didn't, WWD, Elle, Vogue, other blogs and fan sites. These do not belong to me or The Bostonista.
If a picture belongs exclusively to The Bostonista (usually Events in Boston and outfit posts) it will be noted or inferred within the post. 
If one of your pictures is on the site and you want it removed please email me! Thank you! 

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