I’m obsessed with this look on Chanel Iman mostly because it’s an easy variation of my basic outfit. Also, I feel vindicated whenever I see anyone who isn’t Lindsay Lohan still wearing legging/tights. She looks chic, young and put together. In this month’s Nylon they had a debate on leggings/tights as pants and I’m not entirely sure if my side of the argument won. To me leggings just make sense in the fall and winter even if I’m not even close to being a scenester.

Are you still wearing leggings and/or tights or do you want to redress everyone you see wearing them? https://w.atcontent.com/-/24kugiIp2mu/TheBostonista/05aEfxHDxgm.text/Panel/Autocheck


  1. i’m not sure exatly where i stand, although im a total tights freak……………the only leggings i wear is a leather-esque skin tight** of course leggings from american apparel, its so hot with my black ankle boots and a long tshirt or slouchy cardie or an amazingly crisp white shirt over it…..

  2. Bostonista

    I love the leather-esque leggings but I’m scared to try them! I have yet to see any “real” girls wearing them!

  3. Can we talk about how much I LOVE those leather-esque leggings from AA. Heidi was wearing them on The Hills last week and I was immediately inspired but just wasn’t sure how to pull an outfit together. Lerieluvlie’s outfit sounds great. I want to buy a pair.I read the Nylon article too. I didn’t understand the argument that leggings are underwear. Who the hell would wear them underneath pants? Chanel looks absolutely delicious. I would wear this outfit. Leggings can be extremely chic if you know how to wear them and don’t wear them all the time and don’t wear them with a mid-drift top.Cheers,Angela

  4. bee and ange…i’ll take pictures of the different looks i mentioned and put them up on my blog, we can help eachother by me being the scape goat, and you two judging what’s hot and what’s not….this is just a sly way of seducing you to my bloghttp://www.ugly-chic.blogspot.combtw, i couldnt sleep, so i googled myself and found this…tres terrible i know!!!

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