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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ellen Page on Teen Vogue Cover

Teen Vogue is my favorite fashion magazine even though I'm in my twenties. It's probably the most aspirational American fashion magazine on the market despite it's target audience and it never speaks down to their readers. It also has amazing editorials that blend high fashion and affordable trendy pieces seamlessly. 

I like that they (sometimes) put models on the cover and actually do stories with them and that most of the time the celebrities that they choose for their cover have (usually) actually contributed something to fashion or has a natural sense of real style like Camilla Belle.

That's why I find it so disappointing when they put people with absolutely no real interest in fashion but a movie to promote on the cover. Not to knock Ellen Page or anything (if you haven't seen Hard Candy you need to rent it like an hour ago) but they try to pass her off as a "fashion maverick" when  really she's just not interested.  She even admits in the interview: "I'm a bum, really. [Work] is the only time I get dressed up."

A publicist putting a girl into a Yohji Yamamoto jacket for an interview or red carpet does not making the girl stylish it just makes her a girl in a Yohji Yamamoto jacket. And its not just about Ellen, of course, it happens all the time where actresses get hailed as a fashion icons because of a pretty dress on a red carpet that was selected for her. 

I'm tired of seeing celebrities with a movie to promote on the cover of fashion magazines. I want the models back, Anna Wintour. What do you guys think?

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Angela said...

I can barely stand Ellen Page as it is and the last place I want to see her is the cover of a fashion magazine. Her look is so uninspired and there is nothing all that fabulous or unique about it. I want models back.

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