PEOPLE is reporting that everyone’s favorite heiress-socialite-model, Lydia Hearst, will be joining the cast of Gossip Girl as Lily Van Der Woodsen’s interior decorator. I’m sure she’ll be right at home with the sets, fashion and storylines as they couldn’t be that far fetched from her own NYC private school upbringing.

According to People:

It’s already one of TV’s most stylish shows, and now Gossip Girl is set to go even more high-fashion. On May 19 Vogue cover model Lydia Hearst will join the cast as Lily’s posh interior decorator Amelia. And while the successful model may be fairly new to the acting game, she won’t feel like an outsider on the set. Her real-life best friend is this season’s other new cast member, Michelle Trachtenberg. Hearst spoke with PEOPLE at the St. Jude’s Marchesa fashion show in N.Y.C. about her latest endeavor, telling us, “I’m excited to have a legitimate role on the show.” And as for any upcoming Gossip Girl plot twists, the star will only hint at what’s ahead. “All I can say is I certainly have a moment with Chuck Bass!” We can’t wait to see how her entanglement our favorite villain turns out!


  1. I have never seen this show~ hopefully she will do well. she can’t model forever!

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