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Monday, April 14, 2008

Minnie & Masha!

Those of you who know me know that I have two obsessions in life: High fashion and Disney. For the most part they are entirely contradictory. Walt Disney World is my favorite place in the world and I'm sure anyone working in fashion, for the most part, would be disgusted by more than one vacation there. Still, I won't defend or hide my Disney love. Which is why I was blabbering with excitment last week when I saw this editorial in Vogue Russia April 2008.

Not only does it star my current favorite model, Masha Tyelna but MINNIE MOUSE gets in on the story and the couture for herself! Absolute perfection. I believe the story is that Minnie is having a lovely Russian vacation and Masha is being sweet enough to show her around.





Vogue Russia April 2008
Minnie Mouse on Vacation in Moscow
photography: Doug Inglish
styling: Sally G. Lyndley
model: Masha Tyelna
*scanned by achAT @ tFS


katie said...

What a great editorial!

Bostonista said...

I know! It's probably my very favorite ever! Well, okay, not really. But anything that mixes Disney and fashion makes me giddy.

Angie said...

This editorial is classic. I want posters made of every photo stat. I want to hang them in my Boston apartment to be. Minnie is so chic and you can't go wrong with Mash as your tour guide. Win.

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