Sunday, May 18, 2008

Because sometimes life just needs some Sasha P

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I used to hate her for being the poor man's Gemma Ward but I've come to appreciate the ugly insane beauty that is Sasha. It pissed me off that when E! was talking about Gemma being one of the highest paid models they showed a picture of Sasha on the runway. They don't look THAT much alike. It's easy to tell them apart if you try! ANYWAY, as of late I've been finding Sasha more and more inspiring. But maybe it's just Gemma withdrawal?


On Track said...

You know I have come to really appreciate her to, she used to seem so 'gemma ward' to me as well, but thank god now I really adore her or I would be missing out ;)

Angela said...

E! is a sham, firstly. Secondly, these photos are amazing and Sasha P is coming in to her own and getting away from the 'Gemma Ward look-alike contest winner' look. I totally dig it.

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