Friday, May 23, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: Mischa Barton at the Cannes Film Festival

I'm not usually a fan of Mischa Barton's style (or of her really) but besides being insanely beautiful she's always willing to take a chance with her style. US Weekly may have dubbed her one of their worst dressed for the Cannes Film Festival but I really loved her Roberto Cavalli hippie chic look! 
The dress is a little bit loose around her chest (and she really shouldn't smile with her mouth closed it makes her face look a bit too full) but otherwise I think she accessorised the dress perfectly. Plus, she's one of the few girls I can think of who can actually wear a headband like that. 
Here are two more Mischa home runs from this past week at Cannes:


Angela said...

I love the Cavalli dress! Florals are so hot right now. The clutch works. I'm not so much a fan of the white dress she's accentuates her pear shaped figure. I think you'd have to be really petite a la Knightly to possibly pull this off. The last dress is wonderful. Mischa actually looks elegant--it's a gigantic step up from the mom jeans she's been wearing.

Bostonista said...

Florals for spring? How groundbreaking.

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