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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sex and the City New York Premiere

Last night was the much anticipated New York Premiere of the movie of Sex and the City! And while they were in their beloved city, and the home of fashion, the girls were a bit less glamorous than at the first premiere in London. But it was filled with beautiful celebrities and the fashion elite. 
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SJP in Nina Ricci
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Kim Cattrell in Vivienne Westwood
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Cynthia Nixion in Narciso Rodriguez
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Kristen Davis in Donna Karan
I have to say I'm pretty disappointed. This was a show that was all about the fashion and they couldn't have gotten their stylists to do them up a little better? But I do really love SJP in the Nina Ricci!
Ashley Olsen, Anna Wintour, and Fergie also hit the red carpet. I love Anna because she can get away with wearing sunglasses no matter where she is or when like on a red carpet at night. If Ashley and Fergie ditched the blazers they'd pretty much have perfect outfits if you ask me. Ashley is wearing pants and a blazer from The Row, a vintage Balenciaga top, a Givenchy belt and a Calvin Klein clutch.

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Secretista said...

Why's Anna wearing sunglasses?! I'm pretty sure it was cloudy! But hey, that's her look.

Jenny said...

They only outfit I really like out of these is Ashley Olsen's.

kyley said...

Omg, I love Anna W.'s sunglasses. She's hysterical. Ashley Olsen looks cute if she were going to work, but I don't think it's red-carpet cute.

Also, that red carpet looks like the gross pink carpet from the 80s that I am in the process of removing from my aunt's condo.

Jesse said...

i like kristen davis' dress too!!! i think its cute. sjp has a nice dress too even though i think she looks like a foot.

for those of you who haven't seen the movie yet see it! It's very good! I thought so. I am so glad you weren't disappointed either KBEAR!

Angela said...

Blazers. Jesus. At least it's on two of thevcelebrities that can get away with it.

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