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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Leighton Meester At Dior Resort 08

Leighton Meester is braver than I am wearing this lime vintage Dior dress to last night's Dior Resort Wear show in NYC. She was by far the best dressed woman of the night who wasn't on the runway! And, as always, she as Blair Waldorf was the best part of Gossip Girl last night.

I'm not sure who Blair was wearing last night to Lily's rehershal dinner but I'd kill for the headband and I love that she manages to be sexy while being fully covered up. I really want her and Chuck to get together (and get both Vanessa and Nate off the show. So boring!)



kyley said...

ooo, i love that lime dress! esp. the little belt. your favorite fourth grader would, i think, say she looks fine. too bad you can't get her to guest blog.

kyley said...

also, you should write about the worst dress individual there. like John Galliano with his creepy mustache.

Imelda Matt said...

OK, I had to skip the bottom half of the post because I'm playing catch but forget Blake...it's all about Leighton and she looks stunning!

Angela said...

I want to be her.

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