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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: MK in LA


MK looking casually chic while getting coffee in LA today. She's wearing Pedro Garcia booties and either Kova & T or The Row leggings. I love how they come down as stirrups but are still able to bunch in all the right areas. Plus, her bag is amazing. The only thing I don't like? Her Marlboro Reds. Quit smoking, MK!


Label Ho said...

Oh, I love those shoes!!!

kyley said...

I am in love with that bag like woah.

Although, I think if I saw it in the store I would just shrug, and fail to be amazed. MK, in all her disheveled sexiness, makes this bag adorable.

M said...

i agree she needs to leave the smokes behind! she looks gorgeous in this picture though!

katie said...

I always have liked her style. 70% of it I would never wear, personally- EXCEPT for her bags and shoes. To die for!!!!!!

Wannabe MK said...

Such a little thing on such a dangerous heel. She is a hero. MK pulls off anything.

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