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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Model Moment: Anouck Lepére in French Plaboy

I love that French Playboy is just like any fashion magazine in France. Their spreads are very high fashion, editorial and thought provoking which is more than you can say for some American fashion magazines as of late. Can you imagine if these pictures were in American Playboy? Men would be outraged! But I think they're beautiful and interesting and fashion. These photos star every ones favorite 29-year-old model turned jewelry designer, Anouck Lepére. Kate Moss's daughter, Leila Rose, will be her step-daughter. She's engaged to Kate's ex Jefferson Hack, the founder of fashion mag Dazed & Confused.

These pictures feature some nudity (well hello it's still Playboy. Plus, everyone always seems to be partially naked in ANY French magazine) and are not safe for work/school/children/etc.

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Anouck Lepére Stats:

Agency: IMG NYC/Paris/London/Milan
Height: 5'8"
Dress: 4 US/34 EU/6 UK
Hips: 32"/81 cm
Waist: 25"/64 cm


La Petite Californienne said...

Goodness in every French magazine spread there HAS to be nudity. HAS to. Anouck Lepere> any bleach blonde fake boobed American 'playmate.'

Imelda Matt said...

I love the editorial quality of French playboy.

Jenny said...

I love how stylish and fashionable French playboy is. This could totally be an editorial in a fashion magazine. Love it!

kyley said...

haha. I did not read the "unsafe for work" part until AFTER I had looked at the pictures. oops.

But they are lovely!

Jenny said...

Sure, let's swap links. Added you to my favorite fashion blog link selection ^o^

Jesse said...

wow, so different from american playboy. I had no idea. i feel so ignorant!

Angela said...

BIG Playboy France fan. I love these photos--they are beautiful. I feel like I'd be more inclined to *ahem* over these pictures than any man. Anouk is fabulous.

emma said...

wow those photos are beautiful i love the shadow puppets!

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