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Saturday, May 17, 2008

The New Old Navy

The Old Navy Neon Nights commercials have been haunting my dreams. All because of what the ad calls the Night Orchid Dress on a girl walking over to her motorcycle riding boyfriend. So, anyway, I went over to the Old Navy website and couldn't find it. Very frustrating. Until I realized that off a beautiful model it's just a plain old handkerchief hem dress that looks really, really awful when photographed laying flat on a white background. 


But I have a hope that when tried on with heels it will look more like how I want it to look. Maybe. Maybe? What do you guys think? I haven't worn a handkerchief hem since the tenth grade. Should it stay that way?


JuliAM said...

what's old is new again right? if it looks great on, rock it, if not, that's what return policies are for :)

Bostonista said...

I bought it and it looks super sexy on! It's a good summer dress.

ange said...

love it.

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