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Friday, May 2, 2008

The Prada Fairies Bag

Ok I admit it I don't pay much attention to Prada most of the time. Even during fashion week I kind of just skim over the reviews and glance at the photos and think, "Nice. Pretty." In September the only part of the collection that really caught my attention were the whimsical shoes. I sighed and cooed over their strange beauty and impracticality. And then I moved onto something else. So I didn't really notice the infamous "Fairies Bag" until around January when they started being sent to celebrities. And I thought, "Oh." And then promptly forgot all about them.

But they've seeped into my subconscious I can't stop thinking about them and looking at them! It's a weird obsession but we knew I was fashion obsessed so there you go.

The more I look at them (especially the one of the single fairy) I notice different little aspects to the drawing. The bags are made of soft deerskin leather and reportedly seem to shine and almost shimmer in certain light. Maybe it's that blank, threatening stare of Sasha P. I don't know. But I finally started paying attention.
The bags are part of a collaboration with artist James Jean and are (supposedly) limited edition. If I had been paying attention earlier I would have known that Prada announced that they wouldn't even be available
for pre-order. Waiting list only. It's apparently SO in demand that NY Magazine even wrote an article:
How To Get The Elusive Prada Fairy Bag

It's truly the perfect way for a company to make something the "It" thing: make it nearly unavailable and everyone will want it. At $2290 the bags reportedly sold out at
Neiman Marcus in just two days. It's not even available on their website anymore. I checked Saks as well and it would seem that they are also sold out and not expecting a shipment. Figures. Not that I could afford one anyway but having the option would be nice. Don't you think?

Slightly more accessible are the $300 clutch sized versions but I can't find them in any stores, I've only seen pictures.
But maybe not having the option (or the money) isn't a terrible thing. I've read on differant fashion board and blogs that the plum ink runs and stains the white leather so badly and often that many customers have filed complaints with Prada. But even if it does run I wouldn't mind the single fairy clutch, I wouldn't even consider complaining.

The 10 1/5" x 14 1/5" x 6" for $2290:

 And the clutch sized versions for $300:


Angela said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I am not a huge Prada fan but I adore this collaboration. I just wonder how long it will take for people to knock it off...

kyley said...

oh, those are cute! I especially like the picture of the first clutch.

also, i <3 your blog.

jenny h. said...

i love this new style.

i think hilary duff was spotted carrying one?
love the blog :)

Bostonista said...

Hilary was but I'm choosing to ignore that little fact!
thanks for reading! :)

disa said...

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