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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Best Dressed At the CFDA

Sorry for my lack of posts yesterday. I wasn't feeling that great and then I had some family obligations to deal with. Anyway, as promised, my best dressed at Monday night's CFDA Awards.

Ashley Olsen wore Calvin Klein collection in an apparent homage to the late, great YSL. I thought the leather was a design on the bottom of her tapered pants but they're actually the ankle strap for the shoes. She told her website that her current favorite movie is Annie Hall so I suppose that explains the blazer action as of late. 

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Meredith Melling Burke chose to go the pretty princess route in Oscar de la Renta.

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Katie Lee Joel looked youthful yet elegant in (and with) Yigal Azroul.

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Doo-Ri Chung opted for feminine simplicity wearing one of her own designs. Don't those platforms look killer? I had to include her just for being able to wear them all night!
And finally the very best dressed of the night...
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Kasia Struss in Rodarte. I love how raw and sinister this dress is and yet it's still a fantasy fairy like dress. Its just like how I imagine Tinkerbell would look after snapping and very happily disposing of Wendy Darling. But it's still so beautiful and frothy. I am absolutely in love. Very few women can actually wear Rodarte well and Kasia Struss is lucky enough to be one of them. Jealousy ensues.


Alli said...

I usually don't like MK (sorry) but I think she looks super cute in that picture. Usually her style is so above me- I just can't understand it. I agree with you for the best dressed in that Rodarte. That dress is awesome.

Bostonista said...

That is actually Ashley who usually dresses a little more down to earth than her sister. But sometimes I agree with you about MK. I get what she's trying to do but I don't really like it.

la petite fashionista said...

wow that rodarte dress is stunning! like you said, very few can pull off their dresses, but when they can it is perfect.

Fashion Is Poison said...

i just want those YSLs

kyley said...

You know what's funny: first thing this morning I read your blog and the Rodarte dress really confused me--like I couldn't figure it out. Now that I am at work and have had some caffine (the latter being the important part of the equation) I *really* love it.

That Girl said...

I love that Doo-Ri wore her YSL Tribute sandals again... (last time at the Costume Institute gala).
But who wouldnt they are dreamy...

Bostonista said...

Yeah the YSL Tributes are beautiful I just don't think I could ever walk on them!!!

Knight Cat said...

you have amazing taste, i really like your blog

want to trade links?
knight cat

Bostonista said...

I would love to! I'm a trade links addict! :)


I have to get my hands on those tribute YSL platforms, just what colour do i go for??? Ashley a la 'Le smoking' is so sexy in this outfit. Annie hall is also one of my all time favs, and i'm all for androgyny!

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