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Monday, June 9, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: Mischa Barton Reads!

Sometimes I wish we could all just wear pretty face paint, glitter, ribbons, feathers and flowers and live in Wonderland. Mischa Barton gets to do this because she's a minor celebrity and was invited to a children's benefit: A Time For Heroes Carnival. 
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I also just really loved her outfit in general except the studded Christian Louboutins. I mean, I LOVE them but I don't think they work with the fairy doll look. 


Fashion Is Poison said...

aghhh. yeah the shoes definitely don't work. what happened to her cute girly flats?

kyley said...

if you were crazy and/or a certain brand of sunglasses -and-headband-wearing-scenester then you could probably add some ribbons & face paint.

I think she looks really adorable. I would love it if Mischa read to me!

Bostonista said...

Kyley, if those kids had showed up at the party wearing ribbons and face paint my love for it would have immediately died.

Kaitlyn said...

I think the shoes help give the look some contrast, they make it not too floaty and girly.

Angela said...

I love her headbands. Also, I have fake tattoos that resemble Barton's face paint. Also, I need to see that dress from the front before I make a judgement.

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