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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: Nicole Richie

Motherhood does a starlet good. Nicole Richie has been having a great style week.
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She's able to go flawlessly from hippie mom to chic starlet about town. I love how she can mix low end (like converse) with vintage Dior. It might not be high fashion but she has her own style that has evolved from Rachel Zoe's barbie to a young LA mom and I really love it. What do you guys think about Ms. Richie?


la petite fashionista said...

i love watching her style evolve. she has most definitely come a long way. i like her outfits because they are very easy to wear & it doesnt look like she's trying too hard to look stylish


Imelda Matt said...

and she looks healthy!

Kaitlyn said...

consider yourself linked ;)

Fashion Is Poison said...

in love with her oxford peep toes!

btw linked yah!

Diabolina said...

i heart her. conveys such effortlessness. think the thiness helps. sigh ;)

cute blog!

Sarah said...

I've always loved the things she wears, she seems to have natural style.

Angela said...

Nicole is my muse. The way she puts outfits together is just so natural. Denim cut offs never looks so chic. Also her and Bono are the only two people I let get away with wearing rosary beads.

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