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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Play by C. Ronson for Urban Outfitters

So I've been really excited about Charlotte Ronson's diffusion line Play by C. Ronson for Urban Outfitters since it was announced. I like Charlotte's irreverent but girlie looks and, lets face it, the Ronson kids (and their step and half siblings) are just freaking cool. I'm not always a fan of Charlotte's twin sister, the infamous Samantha, but who isn't in love Mark Ronson? Not to mention Annabelle Dexter-Jones their pseudo sister who usually stars in Charlotte's ad campaigns, interned at Teen Vogue, and is a New York "It" girl in her own right. 
(Annabelle also, for reasons unknown, added me back on Facebook a few years ago and has never bothered to delete me. Maybe because I'm also facebook friends with Selby Drummond and some other ex-teen vogue interns?)  
Anyway, when Nylon had a sneak preview on their website last night (the collection launches in stores today) I was excited but only mildly impressed.  Or not so mildly impressed. Out of the preview I only liked two pieces (and could only get you a picture of one..)
I love this delicate top but it's hard to see about the quality from a photo. We're going to have to wait to see what the verdict is about quality and fabrics until we can judge it in person.
The other piece a liked was a green grandpa sweater that could go with everything in your summer wardrobe. 
To see the Nylon sneak peak head over here and to see the collection itself (it's supposed to be arriving in stores today) head over to your local Urban Outfitters
Just so you know I've been checking their website all day and so far no sign of Play. Just some pieces from Charlotte's real collection, Charlotte Ronson. So I can't really tell you the price points only that it's supposed to be significantly lower than her usual $200 a piece. 
I think, maybe, I'm a bit disappointed.
If you're interested in Charlotte's real collection you can find it here:
77 Union Street
Newton, MA 02459
(617) 964-0054
The Tannery
39 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 491-1811


Angela said...

you're right, bostonista. cute but nothing special.

Bostonista said...

so disappointing.

kyley said...

bostonista, my love, the picture isn't showing up in this post.

the problem might by on my computer, but i thought i'd let you know.

Bostonista said...

hm its showing up on mine. But I'll check it out.

Elle, Author of Label Ho said...

Thanks for the post! I'd be interested in seeing it in person. Agreed re: Samantha Ronson.

kyley said...

picture working here. must have been my computer at work or something.

this picture, with the shirt laying on the wooden floor, actually reminds me of something you would find on ebay.

Bostonista said...

Oh thats because the gals over at Fashionista got a sneak peak. Urban sent them over some samples and the photographed it themselves at their office.

ed said...

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