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Friday, June 13, 2008

Soap & Glory Flirtigo Body Moisturizer Spray

My friends are always sweetly complimenting me on how soft my skin is and how lucky I am to have such soft, smooth skin. It's true. It's very soft. But to be honest, I really don't do much to keep it that way. I mean sure I use a loofah in the shower most of the time, and I drink a lot of water but it's mostly just genetically soft. 
Of course one of the beauty magazines favorite tips to soft skin is to immediately slather yourself with body lotion in the bathroom after you step out of the shower. "Pat yourself dry and with your skin still damp put on your lotion!" Supposedly the extra moisture helps keep the lotion in your skin for longer, making you silky smooth all day or night.
I don't know if that is true or not but I do, reluctantly, attack my damp body with Nivea in my steam filled bathroom after my showers.
Here's the thing though: I hate putting on my body lotion. I don't know why. It's a very strange thing for a person to hate. Especially a girlie-girl like me! But, I find it cumbersome and annoying and I just don't like to do it. So, often times, I get out of the shower, and just don't do it. I have plenty of kinds of lotion but my skin seems to be soft with or without the help. 
I'm not bragging (well, maybe I am a little bit) it's just how my skin is. I don't get dry skin or flaky arms or razor burn on my legs. Still, I know it's important to rehydrate your skin after a long, insanely hot shower (like the ones I take). So, if I think of it, I grumble, reach for the stuff and smooth it on. 

So, the other day, I was ambling around Target (c'mon you know you love Target) when I remembered a brand that I had read about in Nylon. It was a new, affordable line of cosmetics from the creator of Bliss, Marcia Kilgore. Soap & Glory is being sold here in the states at Target and (strangely) Barney's Co-Op. I figured I'd go check it out. I found a small selection on a corner shelf that had been simply ravaged. Soap & Glory has cute names (Sexy Mother Pucker for it's lip plumping glosses) and cute packaging even though the pin up look is a bit reminiscent of my favorite higher end brand, Benefit. Anyway, I glanced at it and started to walk away when I noticed, Flirtigo, sitting all by itself, knocked over on the wrong shelf. Usually when you see a spray you think its for your hair, or some tacky "body mist" scent that reminds you of the 8th grade. But this was body lotion. That you spray. I glanced around, realized I was utterly alone, and took the bottle out of the box. And then I sprayed. A light, soapy smell burst forward, I touched my arm, it wasn't sticky; just soft. I ran a quick palm down to blend it in. I barely needed to. That was it. I was sold. I put it back in its box and then quickly into my cart before anyone else could discover it. 

That night I took my usual evening shower and practically lept out when I was finished to use Flirtigo. I patted myself dry and then sprayed like it was going out of style. No weird twisting to hit those hard to reach spots on my back, no extra mess on my hands, and barely any rubbing in. It took me a total of 10 seconds. I was thrilled. Except that the light, soapy smell now completely surrounded me. I thought I might choke on light and soapy. Maybe it was too over powering. I shouldn't have worried, by the time I was dressed and had blown dried my hair the scent was barely noticeable and as the night went on I could only smell it if I nestled my nose on my arm and sniffed. 

So, to summarize this massively long post, if you hate putting on lotion you'll like Soap & Glory's Flirtigo. It's a non-sticky spray body lotion with a light scent that you leaves you smooth (well, it might. I'm always smooth so it's hard to say) and moisturized without any of the hassle. 


katie said...

I love this post because:

a) I too, love Target.
b) I too, take stuff out to try.
c) I SWEAR I JUST SAW THIS THE OTHER DAY AND WAS ALL "should I blog about this??" Because of it's kitchy 50's packaging. Same blog minds indeed.

Bostonista said...

blogging soul mates!

Miranda said...

dude, i love me some soap and glory. i swear by the sex motherpucker and the high gloss conditioner.

Angela said...

I also hate putting lotion on, like, so much. I feel like it leaves my legs kind of tight and feeling like a Barbie Dolls. Flirtigo sounds awesome and I'm at Target every week anyway so I think I'm going to purchase.

ed said...

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