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Monday, August 18, 2008

Because deep, deep down we all want to be Tom Cruise.

Okay, so I know I'm supposed to despise knock-offs and fakes. And I do! Well, to an extent.
Of course I hate sweat shops, theft, pollution, and poor quality! I passionately hate all of those things!
Still, have to admit a fondness for faux-bans (my name for fake ray-ban wayfarers) since my best friend started rocking a pair of green ones from Forever 21. Before I thought they were a little cliched and annoying...the kind of thing pretentious hipster types wear. Plus, I would never pay $120 for a piece of colored plastic when I can get the same style and eye protection from a $10 version at the mall. That's a lie. I totally would if I could. Anyway lately ever since that day at the beach I've been craving a pale pink pair because my best friend is my style icon. She's amazing. 
At the moment, I can't even afford the $10 Fred Flare version, which is pathetic. 
Then again, it could be a good thing, since Wayfarers are so trendy everyone and their kid is getting a pair of multi-colored ones from Urban Outfitters

No. Damn it. Pink sunglasses are always going to be lovely.


kyley said...

Remember when those people showed up at my apartment with matching colored sunglasses and headbands?

They are so not invited to my new apartment.

Also, I totally forgot about fred flare! Thank you ever so much for the reminder!

Bostonista said...

OOO I hated those kids.
They did not look cute in faux-bans.
Angela, however, totally does.

Annabel said...

yeah wayfarers are so flattering, they make people's faces look so good! I own 2 knockoffs myself heehee

Bostonista said...

IS the Prada fairy bag in your icon in your possession? I am jealous.

angela said...

fake rays are my life.

Diabolina 3.1 said...

this settles it. i am getting the fake forever 21 ones i saw the other day. felt like jack nicholson in them. hot!

punky said...

I have like 6 pairs of fake wayfares but my bf got me a real pair for my birthday and Im completely in love with them. 4545464 times better then the forever21 ones i have.

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