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Friday, August 1, 2008

Lauren Conrad Sucks

Can someone please tell me how Lauren Conrad gets away with selling leggings for $165?! It's no secret to people who know me that I hate LC and nearly everyone involved with The Hills (except for maybe Whitney) but it IS a secret to me why people love her! 
She is not a designer or even an interesting person! And yet people, paparazzi, and magazines seem to fall all over themselves for her! Now, I haven't watched The Hills since before the girls "left" Teen Vogue so I don't know whats supposedly going on in her life (nor do I particularly care) but I think the fact that Kitson, one of the absolute most detestable yet inexplicably popular  LA boutiques, actually DROPPED her line is a sign that her popularity is finally going down. 
My dislike of her is so strong that I can't even create a coherent blog post. 
But honestly her line is terrible and far too expensive! Not to mention the fact that on the website they even admit that her line is "inspired" (ie almost perfect copies) of other designer's pieces that Lauren has worn, for example, the blurb that accompanies the outfit above:
"The Jaqueline Top is a shorter version of the dress Lauren wore on her date with Brody. "
A. Why would you even bother copying such a hideous dress?
B. That's the least stylish top I've ever seen! Very few people can make the one shoulder top look not tacky. There is a way to make it work and this just doesn't.
C. It retails for a whopping $175!

I'm also confused as to why "Lauren" even BOTHERED getting models for this line. They are all slightly more attractive versions of the girls on the show! If she modeled it herself, and got her friends to model, it might be slightly more successful. Then again, who really wants to look at Audrina's wonky eye and bad boob job anymore than we're already forced to?


Anonymous said...

I HATE the one-sleeve. I think it's such a terrible idea. This girl doesn't look like vomit, but if her shirt had two sleeves she'd probably actually look good. Trash-tastic.

kyley said...

oh, that was me, with the burning hatred.

ANGE said...

heidi's line is already selling out wherever it's sold. lc goes to fashion school which doesn't make any sense to me because she is not creative, innovative, or interesting and neither are her designs. i don't hate lc but i think the andre the giant one sleeve thing can only be pulled off by real designers. fail, lc, EPIC FAIL.

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