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Monday, August 25, 2008

Edward Norton for Breil Milano Men!

I finally get to write about my favorite man and fashion all at once! Edward Norton has signed on to be the face of Breil Milano until 2010. The ads will be debuting next month and hopefully Edward will make an appearance at NY Fashion Week for the opening of the brand's flagship store!


kyley said...

oo! it's a dream come true for you. :)

Bostonista said...

It really is! When I'm his lady friend I'll be dragging him to every fashion week event I possibly can.

And then I won't be his lady friend any longer.

Anonymous said...

he's beautiful! but isnt that a little out of the ordinary for him? Isn't he all about his craft? Seems a little hypocritical.

ryder said...

im so into him

Dara said...

I started having crushes on Edward Norton since first watching Fight Club. I'm excited now :]

Anonymous said...

But he's done voice overs for commercials before, miller beer and the Nike - "I am addicted" campaign. I for one am looking forward to the photos of him wearing these watches - which look nice although I couldn't afford, maybe when I become his 'special friend' he'll give me one! hahahahaha

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