Style.Com has a very un-Vogue like look at the clothes fans and celebs were sporting at Lollapalooza and I thought I’d share with you my favorite look:
I’m obsessed with MGMT so Β it’s really cool to see Will Borman on Style but I’m more taken with the girl he’s with AKA Brynn Jones. I was just talking about how hard jumpers are to wear in the real world and here she is pulling it off perfectly! The skinny belt creates a great waist on her and leaving it open is sexy without being gross. I know everyone is supposed to be over gladiators but I can’t let it go and Brynn’s version is EXACTLY what I want in a gladiator sandal!
Oh and just because he’s beautiful and I’m obsessed, Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick….
Don’t those loafers scream Chuck Bass?!


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