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Thursday, August 21, 2008

MK's mad for plaid...are we?

MK is creating her own grungy style by stealing old ideas from the early 90s and mixing it with her favorite contemporary pieces. A lot of people are screaming that she is the worst ever for even daring to wear a flannel shirt wrapped around her waist because she is "so obviously the complete opposite of what grunge stood for!" I think it's just comfortable and cute. And her obsessions never last that long anyway. I can understand the appeal I mean when I was 9 I thought Angela Chase was the epitome of style. 
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Totally obsessed with these shoes btw. If you know who they're by and where I can get a similar pair at a significantly lower price point that MK's that would be awesome!
I think it has more to do with finding a modern comfortable style than it does with trying to be "grunge" on MK's part. I also think, as I was saying, that her style obsessions are intense and whole hearted but fairly quick. In six months she'll be on to something down a completely path. But that's part of why I find her so inspiring-she evolves and yet is still always herself.
MK loves plaid so much that a few months ago she hosted a birthday party for her friend with a plaid theme. Yep, all the guests were wearing plaid and I bet there was even a plaid cake. <span class= <span class=
I'm also obsessed with MK's Alice-in-Wonderland-esque hair band-bow-thing!


Anonymous said...

Is that hair bow just a piece of fabric tied perfectly around her head? it's lovely!

sydneydoll said...

when i first saw these pics i thought she had underwear in her hair.

masked angela. said...


punky said...

Those shoes are from Azzedine Alaia they are the Whips flat gladiator boot and they are a pretty penny.

I bought some like it that are J.C. off the U.O. website.

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