Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Model Moment: Kate Moss W Magazine September 2008

Here are some of the final results of the Kate Moss shoot for W September 2008...

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And of course here are the definitely not safe for work or kids pictures from this month's Interview magazine of Kate Moss looking sinful. 

I love the bleached hair and thick eyeliner. But Kate it's time to lose the cigarettes!


Jenny Cindy said...

The pictures look amazing! I want to go to a Hamam right now =P haha.

myriam said...

I love the photos especially the last ones hihi!

ryder said...

she iz amazing as a model. can anyone name any editorial with her that was bad?
what i love about her is that she is not afraid to be ordinary... i mean that as she alowed ti pictured with no make up and no photoshop work after. she really brings live in photography.
i loved the fact that she did CK ads with one tooth missing. now that is our kate! lovely and strong and different!

ange said...

they must photoshop her nipples because they do not look like that when shes topless on the beach.

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