Friday, September 12, 2008

A Model Moment: Obviously better than McCain/Palin

These adorable political model pins are being passed out for free at the tents as ads for the upcoming Modelina website. How cute are they? Yet another reason I wish I was in New York this week. Although crashers probably don't get the freebies. 

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sydneydoll said...


its like the wham bam thank you stam house of holland tshirt
i wonder if she has one.

LuLu124 said...

AHAHAA these are GENIUS!!!! ohhh i sooo wish i was at the shows and collected these now!!! :D hahahhaha priceless!!! loll anyways thanks sooo much for your comment bostonista!!! school's not great, but hopefully i'll scrape by ;D xoxo, lulu ♥

chin said...

very clever!

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