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Monday, October 13, 2008


The favorite childhood hair style has quickly become a big celebrity hair trend--braids are making a big impact both on the red carpet and the Spring 09 runways! SalonCapri owner Nick Penna was lucky enough to attend the Zac Posen show as a guest of L'Oreal and he's embracing subtle hair details, like tiny braids, for his Boston clients.
My favorite execution of the look are milkmaid braids. Remember a few years ago when Sienna Miller rocked a Heidi-esque pair on the red carpet and was slammed for it? Well, I liked it then and I like it now. Besides, a person with true style picks up on looks long before the rest of the crowd even if they get slaughtered for it!
So what do you think? And how are you planning on wearing your hair this year?


candice said...

i love braids!! i wish i could do them better tho. my cuzin is having a braid in her hair for her wedding =D

Jenny Cindy said...

I love love love braids. But I suck at doing them >.< I can only manage a simple one on myself.
This is such a lovely post, great pictures you picked!

Bostonista said...

Yeah my braids always just look like loose twists but probably if you're Nicole Richie someone can do them perfectly for you.

masha said...

i'm in love with braids - i've been trying different styles but i think none of them really suits me
but still i don't give up
the worst thing about braids is that i always have to ask someone to do my hair

Bostonista said...

Yeah I can't do braids. If I ever have a daughter I'm going to have to get someone to braid her hair for me :(

boubou said...

I love this Dress of carolina herrerra its just Magic!!

ed said...







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