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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: MK&A in London

Mary-Kate is seriously perfect. I love her coat with the belt and don't even get me started on those to die for shoes! If I was only a foot shorter and about 90 lbs lighter I would find a way to raid her closet!
Both girls looked awesome at the Selfridge's launch of their contemporary line, Elizabeth & James.

I'm also just a tiny bit obsessed with Pixie Geldof's cropped tee and eighties styling.


Jenny Cindy said...

What a great outfit! That must be one the the most perfect trench coats ever <3 It looks great with those killer. MKA never fails to impress me with her style. I totally agree with you about raiding her closet.

Lindsay said...

ahh those shoes! they are amazing!

Caroline said...

Mary Kate and Ashley are both such an inspiration! And OMG, Pixies cropped T-shirt is too cool!! I know I'm going to wear one of those A LOT next spring/summer!
Looove your blog:)
Especially your header! So CHIC!

Angela said...

they could not possibly look any more perfect than they already do. effing love them. i've been trying to pull of the over-sized blazer look myself but with zero success. sadness.

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