Monday, October 6, 2008

A Model Moment: Lily Cole in French Playboy

I love the vintage look to the shoot! I guess there has been a lot of backlash towards Lily in her native UK where she's a very mainstream celebrity. A lot of Christian groups in the UK are even  calling for a boycott of Marks & Spencer the London retailer that has the 20-year-old Cambridge University student as its spokeswoman. But M&S are standing by Lily and she insists that the pictorial should be considered art. You can decide for yourselves but I'm sure Lily would only be involved in the most tasteful of shoots.


katie said...

So cute! I know you love the French Playboy.

Bostonista said...

I really do! It's so much more of a fashion magazine than anything else! I think it makes me like French men more than American!

Angela said...

<3 this cover.

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