A lot of people have been asking me why I didn’t go to LC’s college tour stop at The Estate in Boston the other night. Why? Because Lauren Conrad isn’t fashion. I have zero interest in her or her clothing line or what she is wearing in paparazzi photos or what is going on in her show. I haven’t watched the hills since the middle of season two and I was absolutely gleeful when it seemed like the show was finally over a few months ago. Although I will admit to a fondness for Whitney (she’s just so darn pretty!!!) and that I might be watching The City when it premieres in January. But I can’t stand LC.
That said I realize her line is (inexplicably) popular and you all gather around your TVs on Monday nights NOT for Blair & Chuck but for…Lauren and Audrina. I find it utterly confusing.
If you are interested in her, the event, her line try Brandeis University’s paper
I can’t handle thinking about these people anymore.



  1. ugh I couldn’t have said it better myself..although I am a fan of some of her outfits..the show has got to go!

  2. From what I have seen, there is nothing exceptional about her clothing line.

  3. I agree, while I am not a huge fan of the show, she has great style.I would wear any of the outfits from her new line and top it off with the new gorgeous pair of diamond earrings from http://www.idonowidont.com that my fiance bought me. I would look like a movie star. It also Looks like everybody has a clothing line now, its nuts!

  4. agree she is not fashion. in general she has no fashion sense. she simply wears what is trendy in LA. she doesn’t evolve… just another celeb with a fashion line without fashion knowledge (and I know she has studied in a fashion school and that she has worked as stylist assitant or sth similar… but doesnt mean anyth)

  5. her clothes are pretty unimaginative but you have to give the girl kudos for her business sense. she’s making tons of $ off of the teenage girls that watch her show.

  6. lc has really great style, in my opinion. that being said. her line is whack. i gave up on the hills. chuck and blair 4 life!

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