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Monday, December 15, 2008

Anne Hathaway's Vogue Cover

...Another actress on the cover of American Vogue. Hasn't Caroline Trentini done enough in Vogue to be worthy of a cover? 
Although I do have to say I thought that The Devil Wears Prada had killed Anne Hathaway's chances of ever getting a Vogue cover. But having a millionaire con-man as a boyfriend and an almost guaranteed Oscar nomination must have changed Anna Wintour's mind.


DaisyChain said...

I really hate it when actresses are on the cover of fashion magazines,

Bostonista said...

I know. But I guess American Vogue could hardly be considered just a fashion magazine any more. But it is really frustrating. And I like Anne Hathaway and she has had some great red carpet moments via Rachel Zoe just no. I WANT MODELS!

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