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Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Model Moment: MASHA Tyelna!

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I just love this picture of Masha in Paris a few seasons back and I would kill, KILL, for her eyes. They're so lovely. Plus, she's adorable.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Karl's Got A Gun

You might remember that I mentioned the "Miami Vice" shoes from the Chanel Cruise Collection that are in the shape of a gun? Well I finally got a picture of them. They aren't very practical but they are interesting. What do you think? I think it would be pretty cool if you could whip off your shoe and fire a gun if you needed to like some kind of super hero.

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A Celebrity Moment: Mischa Barton at the Cannes Film Festival

I'm not usually a fan of Mischa Barton's style (or of her really) but besides being insanely beautiful she's always willing to take a chance with her style. US Weekly may have dubbed her one of their worst dressed for the Cannes Film Festival but I really loved her Roberto Cavalli hippie chic look! 
The dress is a little bit loose around her chest (and she really shouldn't smile with her mouth closed it makes her face look a bit too full) but otherwise I think she accessorised the dress perfectly. Plus, she's one of the few girls I can think of who can actually wear a headband like that. 
Here are two more Mischa home runs from this past week at Cannes:

Valentino Cruise/Resort 2009

On Wednesday, Alessandra Facchinetti showed her third collection for Valentino in New York. I always associate Valentino with bold, strong evening wear and bright structured pieces with an unadulterated sexiness. But this season Facchinetti showed a softer, more lady like look for Valentino clients in muted, subdued colors and designs. Ruffles, organza gowns, metallic peep toes, high waistlines, and tiny buttons reigned supreme.

My favorite looks:
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Celebrity Moment: MK in LA


MK looking casually chic while getting coffee in LA today. She's wearing Pedro Garcia booties and either Kova & T or The Row leggings. I love how they come down as stirrups but are still able to bunch in all the right areas. Plus, her bag is amazing. The only thing I don't like? Her Marlboro Reds. Quit smoking, MK!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ali Michael

I finally read Ali Michael's exclusive interview with Teen Vogue about her eating disorder. It was sad but hardly shocking. The shocking thing is the amount of venom that is being spewed at her within the industry for speaking up. I've been reading so many blogs and talking to my (very, very few) sources and there seems to be an understanding that if she had gotten healthy (as she was doing at the last round of shows) she could have continued to work fairly consistently for the next few years. She wouldn't be the super star she had been set up to be earlier in her career but she'd be a working a model. Unfortunately by talking out she's pretty much committed career suicide in the eyes of many in the industry. The things I've been reading and have overheard concerning Ali is insanely disheartening especially since so many of the most hateful things are coming from adults towards a child. But designers and casting agents aren't going to change the aesthetic that they want to achieve anytime soon and certainly not because an 18 year old girl wants them to. And if that 18 year old girl is going to cause problems they won't hire her. They'll simply hire a girl who will meet that standard. And they will come in their thousands willing to hurt themselves for a chance at a real modeling contract. 

 I see both sides. I'm one of the first people to jump to defend the modeling and fashion industries. I love skinny models; I wish I could be one. But being healthy should always, always come before anything else. Beyond that, even at her "healthy" weight Ali is still a very thin, tall, beautiful girl. I can't imagine the pain and humiliation that she must have felt at the (undeserved) "fat ankles" comment that probably happened at a casting in front of dozens of other models and agents. Some agents say they make a point of only signing or working with girls who are that tall and that thin naturally. I'm sure that this happens occasionally but please those girls are "working" on being that thin either in a healthy way or in an extreme way. 
Honestly, fashion models are just glorified walking clothes hangers. As was pointed out in the original Wall Street Journal article that sparked Ali's controversy: Clothes are no longer designed for women or for models. We're now trying to design our bodies for the clothes.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Nothing to do with fashion I just love Edward Norton and the enviornment

I AM working on fashiony things and will update soon. But green affordable housing is an important issue and The Incredible Hulk premieres in June. Plus, it appears that this meeting happened in Boston. Had I known that he was there I would have gone all crazy fan girl on him.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Bloomingdale's Girls' Night Out Event

On Thursday, May 22 Bloomingdale's Chestnut Hill is hosting a Girl's Night Out event from 6-8 pm. Head up to their contemporary Y.E.S. section for music, fashion cabanas, treats, and yummy refreshments. Also, if you spend $200 you'll receive an exclusive Free People printed beach towel. Spend $250 or more to receive a $50 gift card (this offer is good between 5/23-6/08) Also as an extension to your clothes shopping make an appointment to stop by the Cle De Peau cosmetics counter to try out their new luxury Fluid Foundation. The Clarins and Chanel counters are also offering some freebies such as a custom complimentary facial by Clarins and an eyelash analysis to find the perfect mascara diagnosis for you at Chanel just make sure you call first! 
Bostonista will probably be there so show up and hang out! 

Bloomingdales- Chestnut Hill Mall, 225 Boylston St., Newton, 617-630-6000

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Ali Michael "Controversy"

You might remember that at the last round of Paris shows that 17 year old model, who only months before was the new fashion IT girl, Ali Michael, was sent home by her agency for having gained five pounds. Designers complained that her legs had simply become "too fat" and she wasn't booking jobs. She was still between a size 0-2. What we didn't know when we heard she was sent home for five pounds was that she had begun treatment for an eating disorder. At the time of her huge success, and huge prospects for her and her career she was only 105 lbs. She hadn't had her period in more than a year. Her hair was falling out in clumps. How many hair stylists covered that up for her? Or said that it was the overuse of products and yanking and curling irons? Ali turned 18 this past week and is talking to Teen Vogue in the latest issue (she had graced their cover with Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman back in the fall and no one even guessed that she was sick) and spoke to The Today Show about her battle:

I think it's pretty brave of her to speak DURING her career. We all know how Karl Lagerfeld feels about "fat" girls although on the latest cover of Muse she doesn't look fat at all, does she?

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Because sometimes life just needs some Sasha P

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I used to hate her for being the poor man's Gemma Ward but I've come to appreciate the ugly insane beauty that is Sasha. It pissed me off that when E! was talking about Gemma being one of the highest paid models they showed a picture of Sasha on the runway. They don't look THAT much alike. It's easy to tell them apart if you try! ANYWAY, as of late I've been finding Sasha more and more inspiring. But maybe it's just Gemma withdrawal?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Marc Jacobs as Andy Warhol in Interview

Marc Jacobs on the cover of Interview as Andy Warhol. Hot. But. I'm really starting to miss fat, nerdy Marc Jacobs. Hot, socialite Mark Jacobs makes me feel so inadequate. 



I do really like the one with his eyes closed and the false eyelashes. He's still my number one man. 

The New Old Navy

The Old Navy Neon Nights commercials have been haunting my dreams. All because of what the ad calls the Night Orchid Dress on a girl walking over to her motorcycle riding boyfriend. So, anyway, I went over to the Old Navy website and couldn't find it. Very frustrating. Until I realized that off a beautiful model it's just a plain old handkerchief hem dress that looks really, really awful when photographed laying flat on a white background. 


But I have a hope that when tried on with heels it will look more like how I want it to look. Maybe. Maybe? What do you guys think? I haven't worn a handkerchief hem since the tenth grade. Should it stay that way?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Chanel Cruise Collection

I'm sorry I haven't updated since Monday. I'd love to be able to tell you I was down in Miami for the Chanel Cruise Collection but I wasn't I was just sick and then yesterday my Internet wasn't behaving. So to make up for my lack of posting I thought I'd show you some of my favorite looks from the Chanel Cruise Collection.

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I love the rich hippie look can't you just see Nicole Richie strutting around LA in the third and fourth look? The fifth look is clearly a modern tribute to Jackie O but I read that Lagerfeld's inspiration for the entire collection was a gun. In fact the heels of the shoes were shaped as pistols but I've (disappointingly) yet to find any pictures of the "Miami Vice" shoes. 

More to come soon! I promise!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Leighton Meester At Dior Resort 08

Leighton Meester is braver than I am wearing this lime vintage Dior dress to last night's Dior Resort Wear show in NYC. She was by far the best dressed woman of the night who wasn't on the runway! And, as always, she as Blair Waldorf was the best part of Gossip Girl last night.

I'm not sure who Blair was wearing last night to Lily's rehershal dinner but I'd kill for the headband and I love that she manages to be sexy while being fully covered up. I really want her and Chuck to get together (and get both Vanessa and Nate off the show. So boring!)


Monday, May 12, 2008

"Lemon-Lime You'll Be Fine!"

Modal Silk Interlock Dress Marc by Marc Jacobs

One of my best friends is a fourth grade teacher and he asked his kids to write an essay about anything they think they're an expert on. Happily for me, one girl chose to write about fashion and he let me read it after he corrected it. It gave me hope for future fashionistas everywhere. She was very concerned with matching colors for example if you're wearing a lemon colored top then you should be wearing lime colored shorts. If you're ten this will make you a style star. If you're older it might be taking it a bit too far.

But she's definitely right about the lemon colors. I'm currently obsessed with ANY shade of yellow like the above Marc dress or the Wendy Woven Platform Sandals by Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent, both at Shop Bop.

If you want to go the lime route I suggest the bright shade in small doses like Kate Spade's Clinton St., - Tayrn Vachetta French wallet. It's bright, super preppy and you'll fit right in walking around the Back Bay. Or, if you're still in high school, you could get this Chanel knock off by Juicy Couture and be the queen bee just like my favorite fourth grader.

Valentino Plans to Expand...

Now I'm the first person to admit that I can't do math or understand really anything with numbers ( just look at the my high school transcript) but even I understand the announced expansion of the Valentino brand since, despite the terrible economy, the sales of the fall collection were up by 50% this year. The brand may be losing money here in the US but, according to today's WWD, their retail sales actually rose by 65% in Asia.

The company is planning to nearly double it's yearly $381.4 million in take over the next five years with a huge directly owned retail expansion on nearly every continenant and with a younger, edgier look from new head designer Alessandra Facchinetti (who took over womens wear and couture from Valentino himself when he retired last year) at a "younger" price point.

Read the full story and their plan for world domination over at today's online edition of Women's Wear Daily.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Leather Leggings Trend Alert

 It all started way back in 2003 (Bostonista was just an adorable 17-year-old suburban fashion victim) when Ann Demeulemeester showed beautiful lambskin leggings in her FW collection. Now, five years later, leather and leather-like leggings are extremely popular.

So the first time I saw a celebrity walking around in those leather leggings all I could think about was Ross on Friends. 

Fortunately for us this won't be an issue since the trendy leggings are usually made out of a latex and actually look cool (sorry Ross).  For example Julia Restoin Roitfeld (last month's Bostonista's Style Star) looks pretty bad ass. 

The most popular version are the Kova & T Oxy leggings and are back ordered through June from most of the websites and stores that I've checked at. However they're thin, light and comfortable. With an elastic waist and cut out heels (yep, stirrup pants) you can bunch them up around the knees and ankles or wrap and pull them tight. They're also about $125 depending on where you're getting them from and if you have to get shipping. 

But personally, this isn't the sort of item I would buy without trying on first. Because, lets face it, there are a lot of people out there who shouldn't be even trying to wear this. I might be one of them, you might be one of them. So if you're not someone who OBVIOUSLY can't wear them (I'm not trying to be mean, but you know who you are) then try them out in the privacy of a dressing room with your most brutally honest friend. If they don't work on you then just move on. It's okay. 

If you can't wait for the Kova & T's to become available or the price tag is out of your range then head over to American Apparel and grab their lamé black "shiny" leggings. (If the lamé scares you they also come in a matte.) They have regular waist  and high-waisted styles and are just $42-$44. 

Now if you're brave enough to wear the real deal leather leggings then...God Speed.  

Kova & T:  
Casa de Stile, 371 Hanover St., Boston, 857-233-4885
Jean Therapy, 524 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-266-6555

American Apparel:
Back Bay, 138 Newbury St., 617-536-4768 
47 Brattle St., Cambridge, 617-661-2770

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Nina Garcia Update...Headed to Marie Claire?

I don't really have much of an opinion on this right now my Thursday was much too awesome to be thinking about other women's careers. But here's what NY Mag is reporting along with Fashion Week Daily:

Yes, it looks like she shan't be unemployed much longer. According to Fashion Week Daily, Nina Garcia is thisclose to landing a major position at Marie Claire. So at last the puzzle has been completed! Let's review its pieces, shall we? Garcia was spotted leaving the Hearst building earlier this month to frenzied speculation she might wind up at one of its titles. Garcia's judgeship on Project Runway hangs in the balance since she's no longer at Elle, which will sponsor the show through the next season, its last on Bravo. Marie Claire will reportedly take over as sponsor once the show moves to Lifetime, thus allowing Garcia to reign as queen bee to all things TV fashion. We can't wait to see what she does with Marie Claire, since the title's not exactly heralded for its fashion coverage. It will be similarly interesting to see what happens to Elle's fashion coverage in Garcia's absence. Now we just need to figure out how she'll get that judge's seat for the next season of Runway, airing this summer. Harvey Weinstein really wants her there, but if she's not at Elle, can they make it happen? Okay, so maybe the puzzle's almost completed. Gosh, this is like fashion Clue, isn't it?

I've always liked Marie Claire; fashion forward or not they are at least becoming advocates for women and including articles about situations around the world that other magazines wouldn't touch. I think Nina could only enhance the magazine. I don't know about the Project Runway controversy. She could take a season off or they could find ways to work her into the challenges? What do you guys think about all this?

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lindsay Lohan's Casting for Models

Ok so not exactly Boston fashion news...or really fashion news at all but for those of you interested Perez Hilton is reporting that our dear Lindsay Lohan is actually going through with her leggings line, 6126 and she needs models for the "look book" but she won't exactly be paying them:

Casting for Models for Look book Shoot- Looking for diverse, multi-cultural, mixed races, an "off beauty" is good as well as "beautiful".. No Blondes please. 

CASTING FOR: The Look Book Shoot for 6126 - a new contemporary collection of leggings designed by Lindsay Lohan

USAGE: web, look book, worldwide
RATE: trade
DATE of SHOOT: May 9th 6am call time in Los Feliz (address TBC)
CASTING DATE: May 8, 2008 430pm
ADDRESS OF CASTING: 450 N Roxbury Drive (Little Santa Monica and Roxbury) 6th floor (Membrane Offices) ask for Sarah or Ken.

No phone calls please.
Please do not send models to the casting unless they are available for shoot and call time and they agree to trade terms.

Shh! Intermix Private Designer Sale!

Still looking for that perfect Mother's Day gift? Or just a gift for yourself? Intermix is having a private IN STORE only sale. 40% off selected designer merchandise in all Intermix stores! 

Intermix- Boston, 186 Newbury St., 617-236-5172

More Best Dressed At Met Gala

I promise this is my last Met Gala post. I just wanted to show off some of my favorite looks from the evening. Enjoy!

Lauren DuPont in Valentino

Kate Mara in Zac Posen (with Zac Posen)
Dr. Lisa Airan in Rodarte (notice the
glass Rodarte gloves!)

And one of my very favorite supermodels...

Caroline Trentini in vintage Thierry Mug

And finally the girl I love to hate...

Bee Schaffer in Nina Ricci

A Model Moment: Karlie Kloss

New York Magazine has posted the most adorable video of Karlie Kloss talking about prom, teaching her infamous death stare walk, lunching with Molly Sims, and just talking about being the most in demand 15 year old in the world (next to Hannah Montana of course.) 

Personally, I love the way she's belted her cardigan. So casual, and chic. But even though she doesn't look it she certainly sounds 15 which only makes her more endearing.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recreate Kate Bosworth's Met Gala Look

Kate Bosworth shined and shimmered in Chanel at the Met Gala.
Pictured here with Karl Lagerfeld of course.

But my favorite part of her look was her makeup!
Normally I think bright blue eyeshadow is a mistake but in keeping with the theme of the party and with the way it was applied I think Kate totally rocked it. 
And you can easily recreate the look in a way that works for you without looking like you were a groupie kicked out of Studio 54.
One of the great things about blue is that it works with nearly ANY complexion as long as you're working with the right shades. 

First smooth your favorite light, liquid foundation and blend, blend, blend! You're going for a clean, barely there look so apply with a slightly damp makeup sponge or soft brush. I really like Clinique's Almost Makeup since it's oil free with SPF and is so light you can't even feel it on your skin. A great tip to helping your eye makeup last longer is to brush your liquid foundation over your lids and blend it up to your brow bone. Let this set before you start working on your eyes! While you're waiting use a big soft blush brush to lightly dust the most natural pink blush you own over the apples of your cheeks all the way up to your temples. This should be very light, with most of the color concentrated on the apples until it is nearly invisible at the temple. Try Cover Girl's Cheekers Blush in Natural Shimmer or Rose Silk.

Now onto the tricky part: bright blue shadow. Notice that while Kate's lids are blue the shadow does not extend much past the crease and doesn't even go near her brow. This is very important: If you're going to use a bright color use it sparingly. Find a shade of blue that you're comfortable with. Part of the reason it works so great on Kate because she's confident!
<span class=
Then line your bottom lid very gently with a white liner like Rimmel's Soft Kohl Kajal pencil in Pure White and blend the liner into the inner corner of your upper lid. This will make your eyes appear clearer and slightly larger. With your blue color use a thin brush and sweep a line from the inner corner out to a slight wing at the tip as if you were using a brush on liner. Then fill in your lids with a few uneven sweeps making sure to add a little more to the wing at the tip.  I personally think MAC's Fresh Water  eye shadow is a perfect match to Kate's and is sheer enough that you can comfortably layer until you've achieved the color and shape that  you're going for. 

Finally use a really soft black mascara (a dark black or a navy would be too overwhelming with the blue shadow) and a pretty pink or pale lavender lip gloss but absolutely NOT hot pink. That would be way too eighties but something glossy and light that compliments your skin tone would be perfect so long as its neutral for example Maybelline's Shiny-licious lip gloss in Crushed Candy. 

So will you be wearing blue eyeshadow anytime soon or is it best left in the past?

(Please excuse my grammar and disorientation since it's 3:30 AM.)

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