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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All You Need Is...Chanel

Couture week always makes me a bit giddy. 

Right now I'm pouring over pictures from this morning's Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 08-09 collection. 
From the Gotham City homage set to the almost architectural structure of the dresses Karl seemed to have been inspired by an industrial muse. It's a beautiful collection where even the most futuristic and innovated piece felt feminine and still a classic Chanel collection.
This collection is certainly more focused on the art of design and innovations in proportions, shapes, and use of fabrics than it is about being wearable. The last few Chanel Couture shows have been beautiful and amazing but they often seemed like Ready-To-Wear collections with a few Couture pieces. This felt more like an actual couture show. But it's the attention to detail; the absolute perfection of the construction that made this collection fascinating. The head pieces framing some of the models faces as portraits and works of art was a truly genius step. It was the perfect encapsulation of fashion as art. 
So what didn't I like? The Anna Wintour bob wigs! Karl's used them for what? Three Chanel collections? Not to mention at least a season at Karl Largerfeld Collection! Is he aiming for a Vogue cover or something?
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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days! Now that it's Couture Week I'll try to be updating a few times a day but I can't promise anything!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

A Model Moment: Ruslana Korshunova

A very sad post today. 
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20-year-old model Ruslana Korshunova apparently committed suicide yesterday afternoon. The IMG model leaped from the window of her 9th floor one bedroom apartment in New York's Financial District around 2:30 PM.  She was just three days short of her 21st birthday.
 According to police there were no signs of a struggle leading to the suicide conclusion despite the fact that she always appeared cheerful to those around her. According to the NY Post friends say that there were no signs of her depression and that she was very happy modeling and living in New York. But other media sources, including The Fashion Spot, are claiming that she posted suspicious and seemingly depressed messages on her myspace. 
Korshunova appeared on the covers of French Elle and Russian Vogue as well as ads for Christian Dior, DKNY, Nina Ricci and Vera Wang. She had successful runs at both NY and London fashion weeks walking in shows for Libertine, Jill Stuart, Rosa Cha, Betsy Johnson and Lela Rose.  But she was most famous for her Rapunzel long hair and her Nina Ricci contract.
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She began modeling professionally at age 15 when her photograph was spotted in All Asia magazine by Debbie Jones at Models 1 and has lived abroad and been a working model, sending money home to her family, ever since. Ruslana was born in Kazakh (it was then part of the Soviet Union) on July 2nd, 1988 in  and eventually spoke Russian, German and English fluently.
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I think this is a haunting and unfortunate reminder that models, no matter how beautiful or successful or seemingly glamorous, can have a difficult time just like anyone else. This was, after all, a woman who had essentially left her family and home as a child to live in a foreign country, constantly be on the road between multiple countries, working in a high pressure, demanding industry entirely by herself. It's one of the most isolating and lonely careers in the world and, for the most part, it's a career chosen by teenage girls. They travel alone, eat alone, sleep alone, etc. It's sad. And it makes sense that a maybe heartbroken and/or exhausted girl could lose sight of things in that. I'm just devastated that she chose to take her own life.
My most sincere prayers are with her, her family, and her friends. 
Ruslana Korshunova, July 2nd 1987-June 28th 2008

Friday, June 27, 2008

A Model Moment: I Love Kate Moss Too!

The adorable Leila, in an I Love Kate Moss t-shirt, walking around London with her fabulous mom, Kate Moss.

Jumping on the Polyvore Bandwagon...

Every fashion blogger seems to be obsessed with Polyvore. And it makes sense...who doesn't want to create their own dream outfit? I've actually been a member for a few months now but haven't been making many sets. I get bored easily. But I watched The Devil Wears Prada for about the billionth time the other night and I don't think I'll ever stop being obsessed with Anne's all Chanel post-makeover outfit. Then this morning I was reading about the fashion collage making site on Fashionista so I thought I'd share it and my re-creation of it with you via the magic of Polyvore. 

Remember to add Bostonista on Polyvore! Plus, click the image for details on each of the items.

Chloe Sevigny in Liberation Next France!

I've been feeling super uninspired and unimpressed lately about everything, including fashion. I guess I'm in a mood. But one of the best people to pull you out of a sartorial rut?
Chloe Sevigny
Enjoy some beautiful photos of her in Liberation Next France!
(Aren't those shoes beautiful?!)
I also love these shots from Le Vif L'Express Weekend:
I would like to be able to wear lace booty shorts and look that amazing.
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Or at least be able to blow the perfect bubble gum bubble.
Alas, neither are possible for me. 
Right now at least.

I'm off to lay on my floor, surrounded by fashion magazines, listening to Duffy in the dark.
It will be very fabulous. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Smell Good for Cheap!

One of my lovely best friends sent me an email to let me know that Bath & Body Works is having their semi-annual "Big" sale with nearly everything from their classic collections on sale for only $5! So B&BW always reminds me of awkward junior high dances and having braces but even I have to admit cheap body wash/lotion/body splash/pump soap/C.O Bigelow is always awesome. 

Might I suggest...
Signature Collection Blushing Cherry Blossom Body Lotion for $5

MK at The Wackness NYC Screening

MK looked so stunning at the NYC screening of her new movie, The Wackness, last night!
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She's been wearing a lot Kimono inspired pieces lately which I love. But kimono sleeves always seem to look wrong or awkward on me somehow. Maybe you have to be tiny to pull it off? Anyway, I wish we could get a detail shot of her amazing orange shoes...look at the top of them! I'm not sure how I feel about them with this dress but they're definitely interesting. 
I also loved that she paired that intense, leather (Balenciaga?) belt with this soft, feminine dress. The belt doesn't exactly cinch her waist so much as make her appear fuller, sturdier, somehow. The deeply cut dress would be too easy on it's own; the belt maybe you can have it but you have to work for it.
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Still, my favorite thing might just be seeing MK look happy, healthy, and really pretty. I usually get annoyed with her makeup choices because she's such a beautiful girl and she seemed set on erasing that a few times on the red carpet. But here she just looks like a beautiful girl.
Her after party sartorial choice is bewildering. For one thing it's colorful and for the other well...see for yourself...
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First thought? Did she steal that dress from The Golden Girl's wardrobe department? And black shoes with that? Really? And...is that really the bag to carry with this?
But then I erased the shoes and bag from the picture. I pulled the dress down slightly and belted it just a bit looser so that the neckline was a little lower. I put nude, very simple, flat, sandals on her. And I saw something in it. It's a shock to see MK in pastels but once you get past that (and the poor accessorizing) I really love this dress on her. I know it's weird, and maybe a bit old lady by the pool. But I like the idea that she saw this somewhere and just liked it. No stylist could have possibly been involved (not that MK uses them anyway but you know what I mean...) it's not perfect. It's a strange risk but I like it. And I like that she took it. I would have done it differently but if this dress made her feel confident and pretty then that's all that matters. And I think it might have!
Don't forget to watch David Letterman tonight...MK will be making a very rare late night TV appearance to promote The Wackness, presumably talk up both The Row and Elizabeth & James, and hopefully tell us about her episode on next season's Samantha Who! 

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tagged Once More

I was tagged by the always beautiful Fashion Chalet recently...

7 Songs For Spring/Summer:

1. Mercy-Duffy
2. Damaged-Danity Kane
3. You Know That I'm No Good- Amy Winehouse
4. Disturbia-Rihanna
5. When I Grow Up-The Pussycat Dolls
6. I Kissed a Girl-Katy Perry
7. Viva La Vida-Coldplay

Ok so I'm a bit of a Top 40 kind of girl but at least I'm honest!

A Model Moment: Coco Rocha

I'm sure that you've all seen these videos about a dozen times but I love them. I love Coco Rocha's nerdy girlie voice and her mother and I love Phillipe. The best model driver in Paris.

And of course I adore that she went to judge this dance competition since she used to be an Irish Step Dancer. She remembers where she comes from and who she truly is outside of modeling. I love that. But the best part? Coco takes the subway. I'd scream and be such a fan girl if I saw Coco on the T but that will probably never happen. 

I guess I'll have to move to NYC eventually (to fulfill all of my fashion editor dreams) but on the weekends I'll be riding around on their subway looking for models.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Erin Fetherston for Sasha Primak

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The always ethereal Erin Fetherston has a limited edition collection for Sasha Primak jewelry of pendants, rings, bracelets, and, most importantly, tiaras that debuted with her Fall 08 collection back in February. An extension of her love headbands and whimsy tiaras seems like the logical next step in the Erin Fetherston story. The pieces are 18-kt gold with moonstones, diamonds, and enamel flowers that are so delicate they can actually sway with your hair in the breeze. 
If you think tiaras are one designer trend you'd be wrong; Chameleon Michelle Jank also showed inspired diamond and crystal tiaras for Fall 08 at Australian Fashion Week. 
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And of course Roberto Cavalli's beauty queen crowns on Lily Donaldson and Ali Stephens in Milan can't be ignored...
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The tiara is a natural progression of the embellished headband trend and what girl doesn't want to be a princess every once in a while? While I think the Cavalli approach might be a little bit too much for, um, anyone who isn't actual royalty, Erin Fetherston's delicate flower designs can be worn as gracefully as any headband. But remember tiaras work best when paired with jeans and flats...no one wants a high maintenance princess on their hands!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Saks Fifth Avenue Chanel Event

Chanel's International Makeup Artist, Yannick Lemaire, will be at Boston's Saks Fifth Avenue, on Thursday June 26th from 10 am- 6 pm creating custom looks just for you using Chanel's fall 2008 makeup collection!

By appointment only just call (617)-937-5364
Saks Fifth Avenue, 800 Boylston St., 617-262-8500

Fit for a Queen

Lingerie is always fun especially when styled like the ladies of Marie Antoinette's court.
Lets all go buy sun umbrellas, and tease our hair to Amy Winehouse bouffant proportions! This lingerie is so beautiful and delicate its really a shame it has to all be worn under our clothes.
Keep up the antique doll look with matte pink lips (try Vincent Longo's Lipstain Lipstick in Foolish Virgin) and overly flushed cheeks with Benefit's PosieTint. Stock up on vintage or antique accessory pieces like giant chandelier earrings and anything with ribbons and feathers and layer them on with simple, sleek outfits. 
Photo Source: Fashion Pics

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Creepy Shopping Moment: Hollister

Normally I stay out of Hollister. I'm not a high school surfer chick in California so I tend to not be interested. But my brother had a merchandise credit there that he didn't want and I had seen their pretty summer scarves on their posters so I figured what the hell.
I immediately see a pretty deep blue one that I like on a mannequin at the front of the store and ask the cute little brace face folding shirts where I might find it. She directs me to the cash registers by yelling over the loud punk-pop soundtrack. 
Anyway I amble along in the dark (why is it so dark in there? Isn't it sunny in California?) until I find a set of shelves by the registers containing a very meek selection and not one in the style I want.
I pick through the ugly colors until I see the one I want on a headless mannequin behind me. I start to untie it when this really tall, angry looking girl says, "Excuse me." 
"Um. Yes?"
"The clothes on the mannequins are NOT for sale."
I blink. They have price tags on them. That was what I want. I'm about to spend money in their store. Why would they not be for sale?
"Oh. But...I want that scarf?"
"I'll check in the back to see if there are any left but everyone wanted that one."
She leaves. I'm shoved by a faux-Louis Vuitton toting 14 year old whose trying to get in line with her frazzled looking mother.
The music appears to be getting louder and more throbbing. 
I think about ripping the one I want off the mannequin and making a run for it.
Angry girl reappears and says, "Yeah. We're all out of those styles. You'll have to pick out another one or leave." 
I feel like I'm being threatened by a 19 year old who hates to smile.
"Um. Can't I just take this one? And you can put one of the other scarves onto..."
"No. These are not for sale!"
Right. Got that. 
I don't want to be an annoying, pushy customer so I say thanks and walk to the sale racks. Nothing cute to be found here.
I see another set of shelves and find the same color scarf but with a different pattern folded neatly. I actually like this one better so I feel bad about being the obnoxious customer before. I see angry girl trying to re-stack boxes of foul smelling cologne near the line for the registers so I go over and smile.
"I found a better one. Thanks for trying before though."
She looks up at me. She looks around and in a terrified whisper tells me,
"We get the mannequins fully dressed. They arrive like that and we can't touch them. We just put them out for a time and then send them back."
Uh, okay. I sort of figured that out myself but I smile again anyway until she says,

If anyone is at the Burlington Mall watch out for the girl from Hollister who might have a nervous breakdown at any moment. 

Amanda Seyfried in Vogue Italia

I love Alice in Wonderland inspired shoots and Amanda is my favorite Mean Girl.

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