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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here Comes The Bride...

So Saturday I'm going to my cousin's wedding shower. He's marrying the most glamorous girl ever and so one of my presents is the Philosophy Here Comes The Bride gift set. It's impossible to find on the Cape (where I am right now) because the Cape is being hit super hard by the recession. We were at the mall and store after store was just completely empty. It was really creepy. And the stores that were open almost all had signs that said, "Cash Only." 
Anyway, I called around and even my trusty Sephora in Burlington which I thought I could always count on doesn't have it. I finally found three at a Nordstrom so they're holding one for me which is nice.
It made me pretty sad that my usually vibrant and bustling Cape Cod is getting kicked at the knees. The hotels/motels all have vacancy signs, there aren't many cars on the road, the beaches are nearly empty (actually thats pretty nice...) and it's breaking my heart.
If you have time and want to go for a nice break you should come to Cape Cod! It's beautiful and nice and fun and there is lots to do! 

Has the recession changed your shopping habits? Or are you just pretending that everything is fine and that you have plenty of cash and credit to buy that bag/dress/shoes? I was pretty much in denial at home in my cushy, west of Boston suburb. I mean, the mall there is always packed and is opening a free standing Burberry store! There seems to be an endless amount of cash to be spent by everyone. But now that I'm at our beach house the reality of the situation is hitting me hard. And don't talk to me about President Bush saying that this isn't a recession-it is. And it's scary.
Even I'm not shelling out the $10 I would for my British magazines, I just sit down at the Barnes & Noble Starbucks and read them there! 

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vogue finally decides to put a model on the cover but...

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I'm sure by now you all know that Kate Moss was shot by Mario Testino for the August cover of American Vogue. How disappointing is this cover? Granted, it's American Vogue and their covers are always so boring and commercial but with the hype surrounding the shoot a few months ago and the rumors that circulated you'd think they'd at least choose an interesting cover shot! I mean it's beautiful but so predictable! If there was a way to make American Vogue more relevant and back on the top of the fashion mag game shooting an edgy Kate Moss editorial would have been it. I suppose the average consumer doesn't know the difference and wants pretty pictures of people they know when they shell out money for Vogue. Sales on their print advertising space seems to be as good as ever despite the turn towards the internet and at the end of the day I have to accept that it's a business and it's there to make money and commercial looks is what sells issues and subscriptions. But for me fashion and fashion photography will always be art and it's so disappointing to see opportunities for brilliance so completely wasted.
I hope this didn't kill my dream of someday working at Vogue...

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Heatherette Tribute

It's becoming more and more obvious that Heatherette is headed for an official "divorce" announcement - although it might be hard for them to actually make the announcement since they no longer have a publicity team! Rumors of a breakup between designers Richie Rich and Trevor Rains have been running rampant for easily six months despite a high profile makeup collaboration with MAC.
While Richie Rich is getting ready for his compilation album and, um, unfortunately, a Hot Topic line to hit stores I thought I'd reminisce about some of my favorite Heatherette looks since I'm pretty disappointed that I'll never get a chance to attend one of their famously flamboyant shows. 
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Jenna Jameson on the Heatherette runway
Amanda Lepore walking the Fall 2007 runway.
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Lydia Hearst channeling the Statue of Liberty at their Fall 2006 show.
A look from Spring 2008 in New York City.
And finally...
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Naomi Campbell was a drag queen Pochantas for Fall 2006.

Monday, July 14, 2008

He Smiled At Me Once; I Swooned

"I mean, the Croc--it looks like a plastic hoof. How can you take that seriously? I know it's comfortable; I understand that. But if you want to dress to feel as though you never got out of bed, don't get out of bed." -Tim Gunn, Time Magazine

He's such a dapper gentleman.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

July Style Star: Kate Lanphear

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My July 08 Style Star is Kate Lanphear senior style editor at Elle magazine.
She's amazing. Check her out!

Friday, July 4, 2008

It's Bostonista's Birthday Month!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Valentino Fall 2008 Couture

Alessandra Facchinetti's couture debut stumbled a few times while she attempted to bridge who she is as a designer with the style and imagery of the iconic house but for the most part she seems to have established herself with this collection as the next best thing to the recently retired Valentino himself. While Style.Com may have felt that some pieces were too weighed down with embroidery and beading I loved most of the detailing. But I especially loved her use of chiffon...I think she should consider it her speciality! Oh, to have a piece of Valentino Couture of my very own...! Someday, someday!
 Here are some of my favorite looks from the collection:
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I'm not actually a fan of that last look; I just was fascinated by how it really made her appear to be completely 2d...she literally looks like a paper doll! There is also just something really creepy about the design. It reminds me of Lurch from the Addams Family!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Christian Lacroix Fall 2008 Couture

Extravagance was the name of the game at Christian Lacroix. While some might argue that in this economy it's time for muted, somber designs Lacroix was all about excess and escape. 
Acres of lovingly embellished lace, bead work, layers of hand painted fabrics and fantastical hats and headbands walked the runway as if the models didn't exist; These creations are alive all on their own. Pleats, structure and fabrics folded into petals were so obviously lovingly constructed with every detail made painstakingly perfect. Every detail had dozens of details of its own! I adored the satin hoods, long lace veils and jeweled hair pieces.

It was a display of magnificent abundance that was nothing less than purely delightful. Let everyone else be serious and practical I want to live in  Lacroix's beautiful world.

Dior Couture Fall 2008

John Galliano pulled out all the glamorous stops at Dior Couture. The collection was a study in regal contrasts with nods to French First Lady Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, the New Look, lady-like charm and Galliano's own love of the perverse. 
The fifties dance dresses in pastels and muted grays were familiar silhouettes with interesting, modern details like the very sheer skirts and matching fetish heels.
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At first I thought this was the perfect collection. I thought it had been designed just for me in my dreams. But the more I looked at it the less inspired I felt by it. It's beautiful but I lost interest very quickly.  It's an unexpected look from Galliano this classic, safe, pretty idea and maybe that's why I was so charmed at first? But getting past the Galliano idea it's pretty much your average, expected couture show. What do you think?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All You Need Is...Chanel

Couture week always makes me a bit giddy. 

Right now I'm pouring over pictures from this morning's Chanel Haute Couture Fall/Winter 08-09 collection. 
From the Gotham City homage set to the almost architectural structure of the dresses Karl seemed to have been inspired by an industrial muse. It's a beautiful collection where even the most futuristic and innovated piece felt feminine and still a classic Chanel collection.
This collection is certainly more focused on the art of design and innovations in proportions, shapes, and use of fabrics than it is about being wearable. The last few Chanel Couture shows have been beautiful and amazing but they often seemed like Ready-To-Wear collections with a few Couture pieces. This felt more like an actual couture show. But it's the attention to detail; the absolute perfection of the construction that made this collection fascinating. The head pieces framing some of the models faces as portraits and works of art was a truly genius step. It was the perfect encapsulation of fashion as art. 
So what didn't I like? The Anna Wintour bob wigs! Karl's used them for what? Three Chanel collections? Not to mention at least a season at Karl Largerfeld Collection! Is he aiming for a Vogue cover or something?
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Sorry for the lack of updates the past few days! Now that it's Couture Week I'll try to be updating a few times a day but I can't promise anything!
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