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Thursday, September 11, 2008

New York Fashion Week:

Do you need an Oscar dress? Than look no further than Marchessa Spring/Summer 09.
These are dresses for glamour goddesses beautifully crafted and structured with feathery blossoms emerging from the garments. If you look closely you can see references to Asian culture with references to origami and mandarin collars. Designer Georgina Chapman hit all the rights marks.
PS: Can you spot Model.Live's Cato Van Ee in a picture below??

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Rodarte Spring Summer 09

Rodarte continues to be the stuff my dreams are made of. The Mulleavy sisters other-worldly creations are  far from commercial making them a hard sell for stores; Other than the occasional red carpet appearance their garments are rarely seen...I don't even know where you would go to buy them besides directly to the company.
That might be part of why I love Rodarte...it's an incredibly intellectual and conceptional collection. You can't look at it without feeling somehow provoked.
Structured slashes lent the look of an exoskeleton to pieces and it was clear that the armor of flesh was present throughout the collection. From feathers to leathers to chains and scales to long hair embellishments this was a story about a post-apocalyptic nature. Towards the end of the collection longer gowns mimicked the elements-water and fire-as if the big bang erupted over the models and rained down to dress them in the ashes.
I'm in love.

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A Model Moment: Agyness Deyn at Rodarte

Agyness Deyn (AKA LAURA HOLLINS!) looking woefully out of place on the Rodarte catwalk.
I don't get the obsession with her but I think it's finally started to wane this season so far thank GOD. Blech. Her appearence very nearly ruined my favorite designer's show! 
But I'll get past it.

Anna Wintour Sprinting At Derek Lam...

Thats one way to avoid the crush of people leaving the tents!

New York Fashion Week: Marc by Marc Jacobs PT 2

Marc by Marc Jacobs was a youthful extension of his signature collection from the previous night. (Mommy Dearest has already been roped into buying me the jacket above on Chanel Iman when it hits stores in the spring!) 
If you love the jumper trend then you'll be happy to see it back along with colorful rope necklaces, summer weight scarves, and lots of layering. 
It was a great collection that, while not ambitious, is definitely going to be a big hit with the younger crowd; expect a commercial hit to be carried in lots of stores.
PS: How cute was Mark during his bow? Love the kilt, Marc!

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New York Fashion Week: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Monday, September 8, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera Spring/Sumer 09

Doesn't this collection just move so beautifully? Herrera's collection was a mixed bag for me but she definitely came through with her trademark red carpet gowns. Karlie Kloss did her infamous runway walk in a white dress covered with an almost art-deco flower like design and it's my favorite look from the collection. Can't you just see this on the red carpet?

A Celebrity Moment: VMA Fashion

Last night was probably the worst VMAs in the history of VMAs and the fashion was pretty miserable too. I mean, who could ever imagine that Britney and Christina would ever be the best dressed on a red carpet? But they were!
Christina wore her favorite designer, Roberto Cavalli and Britney, triumphant, wore two different Versaces

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Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 08

I don't have much to say about Alexander Wang's collection except that I love it because it just looks so damn comfy! Doesn't it? Sweats mixed with leather, lace and bad ass platforms? Yes please! I always feel like such a jerk when I wear sweatshirts but maybe I'll change my stance on the look from now on.

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Diane von Furstenberg Spring/Summer 09

Flowing dresses, cascading flowers and feathers in loose hair, and mismatched prints brought a glamorous Penny Lane to life on the Diane von Furstenberg runway. 
Short tunics, tuxedo shorts, and lots of dresses splashed with delicate beading and bold colors matched with perfectly tanned skin and summery pastel makeup were perfect summery ideas.
This could have looked really costume-y or just boring but she found a way to be inspired by the past and make it feel really fresh and beautiful. Plus, I am obsessed with the hair decorations. I wonder if we'll be seeing Blair Waldorf in a headband version anytime soon?

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 09

What is there to say about the Charlotte Ronson Spring/Summer 09 show? Her very first in Bryant Park? Not much except that it went from fashion show to the Lindsay Lohan (& Samantha Ronson) show very quickly. And I'm being nice since Fashion Week Daily described the event as, simply, "a sh*t show." 
While the lesbian couple du jour (hence forth lovingly known as LiRo) cuddled and held hands to the delight of the paparazzi Charlotte showed sheer calf sock paired with wedges, the usual denim, and lots of stripes. 
Impressed? Yeah. Me neither.
But, as always, love Lindsay Lohan. She fills out that Charlotte Ronson SS 09 dress just a bit better than the model who wore it on the runway! 

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