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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Celebrity Moment: Blake Lively "Finally" Gets Her Vogue Cover

Color me surprised! Not. 
I know Blake and her people had been campaigning hard for her to get her Vogue cover. Once she had W I knew it was a lock. And I knew the shoot had happened but I really didn't want to believe it. Now, you know Gossip Girl is the only reason I wake up every morning, but Blake isn't Serena. Nor is she particularly stylish. She made a lot of worst dressed or just plain boring lists thanks to her Golden Globes ensemble. 
She does look lovely, of course, and it is one of the better cover photos in recent memory, but I can't help but be mildly annoyed. 

Best Dressed at the Golden Globes

 Usually even the most boring of award shows has a stand out fashion moment. This one did not. While no one was show stopping  there was a whole lot of pretty and how can you ask for more than that? 
There had been a lot of speculation that stars would choose a more somber look to be respectful of the current economic situation. While starlets opted primarily for a more glamorous ball gown than the predicted tea and cocktail lengths things were still kept politely understated. And maybe because of that its hard to say who was "best dressed" as most remained safe and shied away from the outrageous. But when it comes to the Golden Globes I'll take fluff over substance any day. I can't give anyone a big standing ovation because I was rather bored but there were some highlights so here are my favorite looks from the evening...

Maggie Gyllenhaal was by far the most "fashion" in Lanvin SS 09 and the only girl who successfully took a risk (I can't even think about your pseudo-risk/full fledged disaster, Renee Zellwigger) last night. Blue and pink full-length leopard print? Only quirky Maggie could pull it off this beautifully. 

Mommy Dearest melted over this J. Mendel on Elizabeth Banks. Feminine, frilly, and covered in diamonds! What more could a red carpet watcher ask for? After a fairly successful year career wise (Banks starred in Zack & Miri, W, Role Models, and the up coming The Uninvited) I think Elizabeth announced her intention to become a full-fledged fashionista in 09 last night.

My ABSOLUTE favorite of last night is a bit surprising because I'm really not a fan of her or of her style usually. But customized J. Mendel with Fred Leighton jewels? Kate Beckinsale, I'm swooning!
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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Celebrity Moment: Worst Dressed at The Golden Globes

Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa. Absolutely, hands down, the worst dressed. I know a lot of people disagree with me (I've seen all of you hailing the return of JLO on the fashion spot!) but I'm just not interested in seeing a mother of twins wear a dress that she basically wore 9 years ago in a different color. Plus, gold? Beside just looking tacky who needs a gold gown? I know you're at an awards show but honestly you don't need to look like you are one of the statuettes! I'm so utterly disappointed that this is a Marchesa. They are usually the epitome of class and glamour and this is just such a mess. 

Who Wore It Better...

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Miley or Masha?
Marchesa Spring 09.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Best Dressed.....Ashley Olsen!

Ashley Olsen!

 C'mon you know you aren't surprised! You knew it would be an Olsen but I bet you thought it would be Mary-Kate! Well, as much as MK's eclectic style is more my thing, this year Ashley has gone from boho to chic, sleek and sophisticated. She's set herself apart from her twin with a more sexy twist on their famous look. Normally favoring black when she goes for bold colors (like the red mini dress) she overshadows everyone else on the red carpet. 
This year Ashley also truly established herself in the industry as head designer, creative director and CEO of her high-end fashion line The Row. It began with the quest for the "perfect" white tee shirt and has quickly evolved into an ultra-luxe and interesting line of basics that the celebrity and fashion crowds can't get enough of. Not to mention her best selling coffee table book Influence (written with MK and social-climber Derek Blasberg).
While Mary-Kate focuses on indie-movies, minor TV roles, contemporary line Elizabeth & James and building up her already insanely impressive personal art collection, Ashley has established herself as a fashion force. Haters beware because neither of these twins are going anywhere for a very long time. 

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Best Dressed of 2008

Michelle Obama
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From Thakoon to J. Crew Michelle Obama has taken the role of First Lady from dowdy to daring. Who can forget the controversy surrounding her choice of election night dress? While she isn't quite there yet I expect "fashion icon" status will be granted long before her husband is out of office.

Georgia May Jagger
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OK so being fashionable and fabulous is a little easier when your daddy is a Rolling Stone. But 16-year-old Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall) has the "It" factor that I've always felt her many older siblings lacked. Maybe its because she's the only person I can think of who can actually pull of Christian Louboutins and a purse with an actual tail. 

Vanessa Traina
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When Proenza Schouler wanted to quietly test out their new line of bags earlier in the year they sent them out to all of their favorite girls including, of course, Vanessa Traina. The 23-year-old daughter of Danielle Steel reportedly carried an Hermes Birkin as a book bag back in high school so it's no surprise that she was an assistant this past summer at French Vogue. If LA cool and boho had a baby with Paris's dramatic sophistication it would be Vanessa Traina.

Anne Hathaway
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I've always thought Anne Hathaway was beautiful but this past year she's really come into her own. A Vogue cover, a powerful movie that may earn her an oscar, and an amazing red carpet wardrobe has amped up her profile (but I guess her scandal might have helped a bit too). I can't wait to see what she comes up with in 2009.

My Number 1 Best Dressed??
Find out tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nastia Liukin for Max Azira Spring 09

Usually I don't approve when celebrities get fashion campaigns but I LOVE Nastia Liukin for Maz Azira Spring 09. She's tall and skinny enough that if the whole Olympics thing hadn't worked out she probably could have been a model. But mostly it is just really inspiring to have such a powerful image for a campaign instead of the usual round of smoldering eyes and half-naked men. Movement, life and strength should be used to sell beautiful clothing more often. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Mother & Daughter Moment....

Bostonista: Look, it shows all this stuff you could buy for the price of this one Chanel bag. Like, 9,687 Starbucks tall lattes or 34 weeks of tuition at Harvard. With $31,000 you could get 2.5 pounds of gold, two smart cars, forty-one botox injections....
Mommy Dearest: Our house...
Mommy Dearest: $31,000 is the amount of the down payment your father and I put on this house in 1985. 
Bostonista: Who needs a house when you have an alligator skin Chanel bag??

Emma Maclaren

I don't know how to explain how I missed Emma Maclaren last season. She was all over the runways! But now that I've discovered her I'm totally obsessed. She's very reminiscent of Lily D only with a bit more personality. She also has a chameleon way about her which might explain why I didn't notice her...she looked different on every runway. Baby doll, avant garde, sex bomb, girl next door she can do it all.
With numerous campaigns booked, and a strong runway season behind her I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot more of this 17-year-old Brit.

Friday, January 2, 2009

I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha!

Despite recently letting go 200 Chanel employees Karl not only seems optimistic about his business in the economic climate but believes that it is ultimately a good thing because it forces people to aspire and dream to something better in life.
Of course he did it in his Karl way so I could see how people might feel it was a little...insensitive. 
"The economic downturn was needed, he says, it had gone too far. "I see it like a cleaning up - it was too rotten anyway - so it had to be cleaned up...I see it like a healthy thing - horrible but healthy, like some miracle treatment of the world."
Will it be harder to sell handbags? Or are his products dreams - expensive dreams, to be sure - but dreams to aspire to?
"What is the real world?" he asks. "If you have no dreams, or if you don't try to improve real life of everybody, people would ask why they get up in the morning.... "I can be interested in a $20m diamond I will never buy, without desiring the diamond. If you want only things you can afford, it's boring too. It's great to see things you may not buy - because you don't have the money - but it is very ugly to think they shouldn't exist because you can not buy them."
To an extent I agree with him. But the people who were barely making ends meat during the best of economic times aren't going to be consoled by the fact that they, at least, have something to "aspire" to. I also have to wonder how much Karl makes from Chanel (and just his earnings from Chanel...he has so many jobs that I know his income is pretty large) and how the recently dismissed employees feel about that. 

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Shopping Tips!

Love the green velvet dress Ashley Olsen wore in Boston a few weeks ago? It is from her own high-end collection, The Row, and right now it's about 50% off on the Barney's New York website...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Marshall's The Cube Review!

When I needed a dress for a holiday party a few weeks ago and had basically zero cash flow I decided I'd try to hit up Marshalls to see if I could find anything. I have to admit that sometimes I'm a little weary of the discount department store chains. I'm usually able to find a good deal but only after hours of searching, digging, and creative styling. But I'd heard really great things about the new in-store "boutique" that Marshalls has recently launched called The Cube. It's not at all locations so I trudged up to Framingham to check it out. 
I was pleasantly surprised. Although the rest of the store still maintains an overwhelming chaos the clearly portioned off section of The Cube is neat, well organized and colorful without looking like The Limited Too. 
The selection was surprising too. Rather than finding a too small but cute top and then finding it in a size 18 but nothing in between (as so frequently happens to me in TJ Max like stores) and in a completely different department styles and sizes were actually grouped together! Shocking! Plus, there were multiples of each size and style.
Now, if you're looking for super high-end you'll be disappointed. But mall store brands that are overpriced in their own stores actually cost what they should here which makes it easy to stock up on both basics that you can wear over and over and super trendy items you'll only want to wear once or twice. Plus, I did find some great diffusion line pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs and Michael by Michael Kors mixed in although they were a lot fewer than  the large selection of super soft Aerie by American Eagle underthings that I couldn't resist.
So, how did I do? I did find a great silver brocade party dress (Suggested retail price? $240. I bought it for $54!), three matching undies/pj sets from Aerie, HUE sweater tights (I saw them at Lord and Taylor for $18. I got them for $7), a pair of black heels by Jessica Simpson (super classic, surprisingly comfortable and only $25), and some other odds and ends accessories.
My total? $105.60! The only downside was that it was super crowded but then again it was before Christmas on a Saturday afternoon at Shoppers World. What did I expect? Also, it is definitely marketed to an older teenager audience. I did feel a little old when going through a rack of slogan t-shirts next to a sixteen year old, who thought they there were, like, totally the cutest! But still, it was a great experience. Three plus outfits for the price of one? Definitely worth the trip!

In this economy we all need to find ways to get back but if you need a dress for some event or just feel like a new scarf or bag go check out The Cube at Marshalls. You'll find something you love at a great price.

The Cube can be found at select Marshalls locations including: Framingham, Quincy, Medfield, and Nashua. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

TIME Magazine Calls Out ANNA WINTOUR! :GASP!:

           (EDIT! I used a different picture than before and this time uploaded it to both of my photo places so hopefully the image will now show up!)

So I'm not a huge fan of this Karl Lagerfeld dress that Anna Wintour wore to the Costume Institute Gala back in May but it does kind of fit with her "Nuclear Wintour" image. 
First of all, there were far more terrible outfits at this same event and throughout the year. Secondly...is Time in any position to criticize the editor in chief of Vogue magazine?
Then again I always call her and other editors out and who am I? Just a simple blogger.
I'll eventually be posting my best and worst dressed of the year over the holidays but I won't have Anna on the list. She's far too terrifying! 
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