Jennifer Lopez in Marchesa. Absolutely, hands down, the worst dressed. I know a lot of people disagree with me (I’ve seen all of you hailing the return of JLO on the fashion spot!) but I’m just not interested in seeing a mother of twins wear a dress that she basically wore 9 years ago in a different color. Plus, gold? Beside just looking tacky who needs a gold gown? I know you’re at an awards show but honestly you don’t need to look like you are one of the statuettes! I’m so utterly disappointed that this is a Marchesa. They are usually the epitome of class and glamour and this is just such a mess.


  1. god, this is awful. she looks like that plasticy wrapping paper that people use at christmas because they like how shiny it is, but then you can’t actually get it open and it gets all wierdly wrinkly….yeah, that’s what she reminds me of in this dress. 🙂

  2. Ugh, agreed. It screams “I’m trying to be the hot mom of twins” to me. Even worse? She wasn’t wearing her wedding ring. GASP!

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