Usually even the most boring of award shows has a stand out fashion moment. This one did not. While no one was show stopping  there was a whole lot of pretty and how can you ask for more than that? 
There had been a lot of speculation that stars would choose a more somber look to be respectful of the current economic situation. While starlets opted primarily for a more glamorous ball gown than the predicted tea and cocktail lengths things were still kept politely understated. And maybe because of that its hard to say who was “best dressed” as most remained safe and shied away from the outrageous. But when it comes to the Golden Globes I’ll take fluff over substance any day. I can’t give anyone a big standing ovation because I was rather bored but there were some highlights so here are my favorite looks from the evening…
Maggie Gyllenhaal was by far the most “fashion” in Lanvin SS 09 and the only girl who successfully took a risk (I can’t even think about your pseudo-risk/full fledged disaster, Renee Zellwigger) last night. Blue and pink full-length leopard print? Only quirky Maggie could pull it off this beautifully. 
best dressed golden globes 09
Mommy Dearest melted over this J. Mendel on Elizabeth Banks. Feminine, frilly, and covered in diamonds! What more could a red carpet watcher ask for? After a fairly successful year career wise (Banks starred in Zack & Miri, W, Role Models, and the up coming The Uninvited) I think Elizabeth announced her intention to become a full-fledged fashionista in 09 last night.
My ABSOLUTE favorite of last night is a bit surprising because I’m really not a fan of her or of her style usually. But customized J. Mendel with Fred Leighton jewels? Kate Beckinsale, I’m swooning!


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