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Saturday, January 10, 2009

2008 Best Dressed.....Ashley Olsen!

Ashley Olsen!

 C'mon you know you aren't surprised! You knew it would be an Olsen but I bet you thought it would be Mary-Kate! Well, as much as MK's eclectic style is more my thing, this year Ashley has gone from boho to chic, sleek and sophisticated. She's set herself apart from her twin with a more sexy twist on their famous look. Normally favoring black when she goes for bold colors (like the red mini dress) she overshadows everyone else on the red carpet. 
This year Ashley also truly established herself in the industry as head designer, creative director and CEO of her high-end fashion line The Row. It began with the quest for the "perfect" white tee shirt and has quickly evolved into an ultra-luxe and interesting line of basics that the celebrity and fashion crowds can't get enough of. Not to mention her best selling coffee table book Influence (written with MK and social-climber Derek Blasberg).
While Mary-Kate focuses on indie-movies, minor TV roles, contemporary line Elizabeth & James and building up her already insanely impressive personal art collection, Ashley has established herself as a fashion force. Haters beware because neither of these twins are going anywhere for a very long time. 


lacouturiernyc said...

totally agree!!! i definitely love ashley olsen's style way more than mk!

La C.

Becca Jane said...

Ashley is always impeccable

Savvy Mode SG said...

i can't say i am supre fun but they certain have that certain style i find refreshing and boho chic.

M said...

mk i think loves experimenting with fashion, but ashley KNOWS it, understands it, and works it! lol

M said...

mk i think loves experimenting with fashion, but ashley KNOWS it, understands it, and works it! lol

Anonymous said...

Why would you call Blasberg a social climber? Do you know him? Have you met him? If not, you're kind of a judgemental jerk, no?
He seems perfectly lovely to me.

Bostonista said...

Well, Anonymous, who HASN'T called Derek Blasberg a social climber? Seriously. And have I ever claimed to NOT be a jerk? Because I think most people who know me will agree that I am a jerk, albeit a lovable one.

Who says social climber is a negative thing anyway? I'm an aspiring social climber with no connections so Derek has one up on me. He gets to hang out with all the socials and the Tinz in beautiful places and then write about it for Vogue so all the more power to him! Besides, I really don't think he could care less what some random blogger in Boston thinks. He's laughing all the way to the bank, pseudo-fame, and great connections.

I may have called him a social climber but at least I owned what I said. You called me a jerk and then hid behind being anonymous without leaving an email address, a name, etc.

Sweet Nothings said...

ashley is stunning

Anonymous said...

She is completely gorgeous, and her clothes are always immaculately tailored...My only wish is that she would be a little more adventurous and mix it up a bit...just show a little bit of flair, not go overboard with it like M.K

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