It seems there is an elegant awakening at Givenchy.
Riccardo Tisci told Vogue’s Sarah Mower that he had to consciously avoid his usual melancholy this season and that, “It was a little bit of a step up for me, to challenge myself to use color and show more day wear.” While the palette was predominately still white, black and nude they were light and glamorous rather than the usual focus of severity. Romance was evident from the rose strewn black runway (a reference to Lawrence Alma-Tadema),  an abundance of lace, and a dark sweetness. The girls looked almost ghostly and closer to Tisci’s usual goth but paired with decidedly more glamorous and mature clothing.  
Curves were embraced by the form-fitting fabrics many with puffs of Edwardian organza shoulders, and while there was a turn of the century flair through-out the collection, sex was on display with bondage straps peaking out unexpectedly. 
But my favorites were the veiled priestess and hooded dresses that flowed so beautifully and were draped so perfectly I almost cried.


  1. I love reading your posts on the couture shows…you speak my mind 😉 hehe. Loved this Givenchy show…really mind blowing and very Givenchy yet you could see that Tisci was trying to take a different direction.

  2. I love Givenchy collection they are cool and wearable. great blog.

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