Nylon got a first look at the entire MCQ for Target collection and it looks pretty good if not a little dated. The menswear inspired collection has a bit of a rock-a-billy vibe that might put off some shoppers but there are enough simple but interesting separates for a good response. The most important thing when designers do these collections with Target is to see how well they translate their aesthetic to a Target audience. McQueen mostly achieved this for the collection but it seems pretty obvious that it wasn’t something he spent a lot of time or thought on. What do you think of the mostly grey, blue, black and white collection? Does it stay true to the McQ you know and love? Or is it commercial drivel? 
I’ll be interested to see the collection in person when it is released in March. I’m really interested to see the quality of the fabrics and the leather pieces at the Target price. Of course prices haven’t been released yet but usually the capsule collections are $14-$65 with some special pieces (like leather vests) in the $150 range.



  1. I’m kind of feeling the t-shirt in the last picture – very vintage-y rock and roll. I think I’d have to see the entire collection in person before I can give my final word, though.

  2. Bostonista

    Yeah I’m pseudo-super into that last t-shirt. But I have a feeling A LOT of girls will be wearing it which makes it less appealing. Its definitely something I have to see in person too before I decide bc you can’t really tell quality based on the pictures alone.🙂

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