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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ice.Com Review!

The wonderful people over at Ice.Com, a great online jewelry shop, were sweet enough to send me a beautiful pair of rice pearl and pavé diamond earrings! Aren't they lovely? I never buy myself nice jewelry (just super cheap costume pieces occasionally) mostly because I don't tend to wear a lot. But Nadia from Ice.Com discovered my weakness for pearls and I haven't been able to take the earrings off since they arrived!
Ice.Com sells fine jewelry at major reductions from their suggested retail prices making quality jewelry easily affordable. For example, one of my favorite pieces on the site is a 1/8 Ct diamond and 8mm freshwater pearl set in 14k white gold ring valued at $750. It's beautiful and elegant. The Ice price? $375! That is just about 50% off!
They arrived beautifully packaged in a white box with a sweet blue ribbon and the case is a beautiful, sturdy blue velvet box. It was great to have such a pretty package waiting for me when I got home. It really made me smile after a bad day.
I don't wear earrings very often so sometimes when I do I find them irritating or uncomfortable but with these earrings I've been able to wear them for hours, even days, at a time without any kind of discomfort. They're so light that I've forgotten that I've had them on and even fallen asleep while wearing them! It's probably because my poor pierced ears are used to crappy $3 earrings with god-knows-what for posts and now they're like "Ah! Comfort!"
Anyway, thank you so much to Nadia and everyone at Ice.Com for the earrings. I really love them and will definitely be going to Ice.Com in the future when I need (or just want) some new jewelry! If you're looking for something to boost your outfits definitely check out their Spring Style Guide!
In the meantime here are some of my pictures to check out!

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Marian said...

yummy pieces dear! like the earrings, off to check out the site now xx
muah x

Cafe Fashionista said...

The box alone makes me swoon! :)

Summer said...

Thanks for sharing us the info.Love those earrings.;D

Seth said...

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Bella said...

That's fantastic... they're so pretty. xxx

Nonoy said...

They're so great.Lovely earrings.;D

Becca Jane said...

these are stunning! will have to check out their site!

katie said...

Lovely! I adore pearls. Lucky gal!!!

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