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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Celebrity Moment: Olsen's At the MET Gala

Ashley Olsen (in The Row...of course!) was my favorite look of the night. From her sharp, chic hair cut to the necklace down her back she just looked iconic.

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MK on the other hand....

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I think the best description I heard was "Marie Antoinette after a rager." I think to the average person it doesn't work but personally, I like it. It's a huge improvement over last years disaster and that color is really suited to her. The Christian Lacroix Couture gown is beautifully made and in the HQ pictures you can see the stunning details and craftsmanship. I think in real life it probably looked dazzling but it just didn't work in pictures. It certainly is her personal style to a t and to be honest very few women could have pulled off Lacroix better.


Lindsay said...

I love Mary Kate's dress. The color is amazing, and the style is perfect for her. Ashley looks amazing too!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ashley Olsen always manages to look gorgeous. So does Mary-Kate, of course. I tend to prefer Ashley's style a bit more, though.

Clementine said...

I can't decide whose outfit i like better, they're both so different! I love Ashley’s dress and hair, the styles really complement each other! But Mary Kate's dress is gorgeous (though only someone like MK could pull it off).

SK said...

I think a lot more people should start wearing necklaces backwards like ashley has been doing!

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