Monday, June 29, 2009

Snakes Are Only Good For One Thing--Accessories!

It may seem a little weird or morbid but I really love this vial of snake bones necklace from LondonsGate on Etsy.

Yes, those really are tiny snake bones and yes, I really would wear them around my neck.

Hey, at least I wouldn't wear a vial of my husband's blood around my neck like Angelina Jolie!


Solo said...

Oh cute! i like it too.=D

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Lotte said...

I love it, it is nowhere near as morbid as AJ with the blood. This one is just... pretty?

Neira said...

thats so morbid that its amazing!
love it!

DaisyChain said...

I love it. I actually have a little glass bottle, now all I need are some bones ;)

ange said...

oh god someone hold back PETA from fighting londonsgate!!!

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