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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Are you kidding me, American Vogue?

Charlize Theron?
Charlize Theron, again?
You know, its her fourth cover and each one gets more and more boring.
I get that she is a beautiful woman with a movie to promote.
But I have a crazy idea!
How about trying to put a stylish woman with a movie to promote on the cover of your fashion magazine?
I mean, Charlize is great. She's a great actress, and a strong woman who overcame adversity. I have nothing against her. I just don't need to read about her for a fourth time in Vogue. Especially as she has a "I'm too good, sincere, and spiritual for that" approach to fashion.
Um. Then why are you doing a photo shoot for Vogue?
Theron has had some great red carpet moments (none of them recently) but its pretty clear they were styled by someone else and that off the red carpet she has little to no interest in personal style. And that's fine!
But when I look at the September issue of a fashion magazine (the biggest issue that sets the tone for the rest of the year) I want to be inspired. I don't find a bland glamour shot all that inspiring.

So who would I have put on the cover if I was Anna Wintour?
Diane Kruger!
Not only does she have a massive movie to promote (Inglorious Basterds) but she is a woman who lives and breathes style. Plus, she's clearly a part of the fashion community-always attending fashion events, sitting in the front rows of shows, and looking amazing even after a 13-hour flight.

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I love that she reuses pieces (like her favorite hat) and that she does casual without looking like a mess. I wish I could get the hang of that!
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She can do old Hollywood glamour too...
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She also supports young designers like a pre-Obama Jason Wu!

I've always loved her but she's really stepped up her style factor for the premieres and press junkets for Inglorious Basterds. I think she's about to become a huge star and Anna Wintour will be scrambling to put her on a cover! After all, Diane's graced Vogue Italia, and German Vogue so an American Vogue cover should only be a heartbeat away!

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If you're a woman looking to wear a tuxedo this is how you should do it!
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I just love her!


Indy Jimenez said...

i totally agree, charlize theron doesn't do it for me anymore. diane is just so stylish and put together.

Stephani Bryant said...

I share your ideas. It's disappointing to see covers going away to automatic sellers, for the main reason being that they will bring in the bucks. There are other, more edge models, actors even, who will bring a new possibly more interesting look into the magazine. Kruger definitely being one of them. Always a treat reading your blog!!
-Steph Bryant

Cafe Fashionista said...

For some reason, due to the fact that it's the September issue and all, I was waiting for some ingenue to grace the cover of American Vogue. Charlize is gorgeous and all, but I can't help thinking that she seems like a generic choice.

Nicole said...

I don't even really think Charlize looks that much like Charlize. You know who I would have liked on the cover? Audrey Tatou. Why? Because I love her and that's all.

I do also love the pics you posted of Diane. She is very chic, and I wish I could look that chic when I'm casual--I just look very, well, Boston when I'm casual. More than anything I love Pacey Whitter wearing a cravat.

Jaime said...

agreed, diane kruger's style is amazing and so unique. i'm obsessed w/ her outfits lately!

charlize is gorg, but she bores me.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Diane Kruger is a goddess. I loved her in National Treasure first, she's got a cute accent too. :)


Blushing hostess said...

Totally agree but not surprised given the fact that Anna Wintour never tires of her endlessly-same haircut! :)

Victoria Hart said...

Oh I completely agree with you, Diane Kruger would make an excellent choice...she's so chic and fashion-forward! Not to mention a complete stunner!

Erin Cathleen said...

Agreed: Diane Kruger is the superior choice. What was Anna thinking? (Hope I don't get struck by lightning for saying that...) :P

Emma said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I never payed much attention to Diane Kruger before this, but seeing all these images together makes me want to start stalking her a good way?

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