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Monday, September 7, 2009

Bandwith Exceeded

Hey darlings! Just some housekeeping...

You may have noticed that a lot of pictures are missing from nearly all of my posts!
For the first time in the five years that I've had a photobucket account I've exceeded my monthly bandwidth. I don't know how to explain this as I haven't uploaded the amount of media in this past week as I usually do in a month. The only explanation I can think of is that someone has been hotlinking my images. I don't tend to credit individual images (unless I'm specifically asked to)- other than the general credit/disclaimer sidebar on the right side of my blog- but I never, EVER hotlink images. It is rude and can be very expensive for the person who has uploaded them. I encourage you to take pictures from my site but please don't hotlink! Photobucket, flickr, and many other sites offer free memberships. Please download the image, and then upload it to your own account before placing the image on your own blog/at a message board/myspace/etc.

I'm not really sure how to correct the current problem. I deleted all of my .gifs, "icon" images, and ones I've never used but that hasn't made a difference. I guess any of the missing images won't reappear until October 1. Due to this I'm creating a new photobucket account (unless any of you amazing blogger girls know of a better, free service!) that all new images will be hosted at from now but please be patient with the older images!

Also, I received an email from Google today letting me know that it has been a year since I purchased my domain and I'll need to renew it. Should I stick with google (and therefore blogger) or should I make the switch to WordPress? Any thoughts or suggestions?



♥ fashion chalet said...

Vanessa looks so poised and extra-Glam here :) LOVES IT!


Patty Ann said...

oh no! i'm not too internet savvy, otherwise i'd help!
but i love the picture from j&j! those cutouts are insane!

newbrahmin said...

stick with blogger. unless you have a good working knowledge of back end coding, don't bother switching over to something else. i use typepad and crash my site on the regular when i try to add or delete anything from my template.

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