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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Need a fast Halloween Costume?

Need a fast Halloween costume for tonight?
Don't fret!
You can be every vampire's favorite waitress with things you already own in five seconds flat!

Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume!

Step 1: Pull hair into a sleek high pony tail. Loosely curl ends of pony tail. Hair spray.

Step 2: Pull on a tight white t-shirt (push up bra underneath optional) and tuck into a pair of black short shorts.

Step 3: Sneakers! Black & white sneakers are the best but you can use whatever you have.

Step 4: Take black eyeliner and draw two small circles/dots next to each other on the side of your neck--Vampire bite marks!

You can add a Sookie Stackhouse name-tag on your shirt and a mini-notebook to take orders!

Viola! Five minute Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume!

Have fun and be safe tonight!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Such a cute idea for a costume.

Hope you had a safe and Happy Halloween! :)

Couture Cookie said...

Easy and effortless... good for people like me, who don't care much for Leg Avenue and the likes! Hope you had a good one!

Erin Cathleen said...

Great costume idea! Wish I'd thought of it. I didn't dress as anything this year (last year I was Sarah Palin!). Did you dress up?

MissNeira said...

Such a great idea! love it!

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