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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Celebrity Moment: Leighton Meester

Gossip Girl pretty much sucks this season but fashion is the great redeemer.
Just look at Blair's fabulous coat and 1920s style!

Are you a Girl On Top?

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I'll be at the event at The Limited at Natick Collection! I hope to see you there!

A Magazine Moment: American Vogue gets something right for a change...

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I'm sure Grace Coddington is behind this amazing shoot! My only complaint is that it is too short! Annie Leibovitz shot this Hansel & Gretel story for American Vogue starring Lady Gaga as the witch and Lily Cole as Gretel!

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I hope they release the outtakes from this shoot! It is so beautiful!

A Model Moment: Gemma is that you??

I used to be OBSESSED with Gemma Ward.
She was everything I thought a model should be: Doll faced, thin, blonde, intelligent and beautiful.
I knew she wanted to be an actress but she continued to model during her filming schedule for The Black Balloon and The Strangers so that was okay.
After Heath Ledger's death Gemma took an understandable break and 9 months later was photographed looking less than model like on the beach in Perth.
In the two years that she's been gone the industry has seemed to forgotten all about her (while still embracing her contemporaries like Stam and Lily Donaldson) and, if the photos BryanBoy posted are any indication, Gemma has forgotten all about fashion.
I miss you, Gemma! Come back to us!

Sunday, November 8, 2009


So you probably already know that the miserable Taylor Jacobson sent Fashionista an email about her "voluntary" departure from Rachel Zoe Inc.
But the ungrateful, smug, and always sullen hipster was totally fired- at least according to People.

I know that reality TV is not reality but there are thousands of actual hard working, cheerful girls out there who will happily style photo shoots, commercial shoots, and celebrities as well as pick up Starbucks and organize closets for days on end without any attitude! Watching the Rachel Zoe Project irritated me so much because it reminded me of what I hate about the industry- girls like Taylor.

Rachel, if you need a new assistant please email me!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Celebrity Moment: Blake Lively


I'm not usually a big fan of Blake Lively but how gorgeous is she in head to toe Chanel?!

A Fashion Pandemic

I'm completely obsessed with this Steven Meisel shot editorial for Vogue Italia!

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The board of health can quarantine but that they can't cure a girl of the fashion disease.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Need a fast Halloween Costume?

Need a fast Halloween costume for tonight?
Don't fret!
You can be every vampire's favorite waitress with things you already own in five seconds flat!

Sookie Stackhouse Halloween Costume!

Step 1: Pull hair into a sleek high pony tail. Loosely curl ends of pony tail. Hair spray.

Step 2: Pull on a tight white t-shirt (push up bra underneath optional) and tuck into a pair of black short shorts.

Step 3: Sneakers! Black & white sneakers are the best but you can use whatever you have.

Step 4: Take black eyeliner and draw two small circles/dots next to each other on the side of your neck--Vampire bite marks!

You can add a Sookie Stackhouse name-tag on your shirt and a mini-notebook to take orders!

Viola! Five minute Sookie Stackhouse Halloween costume!

Have fun and be safe tonight!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Magazine Moment: W Nov 09

Monday, October 12, 2009

Giambattista Valli S/S 10

I know a lot of people were sour with Giambattista Valli this season but I am not one of them!
It included everything I love- ruffles, mini dresses, feathers, sparkle, and great shapes.
What more can you ask for?
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Model Moment: A Conversation With Stam!

The Bostonista: Do people (like your friends) actually just call you Stam? Does it annoy you when fangirls do?

Jess_Stam: I get both! :)

Okay so its not much-and its via her official twitter- but I freaked out that I got a response!

Louis Vuitton SS 2010

Did you watch the Louis Vuitton show live on facebook?
I did!
Marc always knows how to put on a show!
But, man, those afros were distracting!

Looking past the poor styling here are the looks I actually liked at Louis Vuitton:
And the look that I LOVED!:
There was a great color palate and amazing cuts and fits. It was a real spring collection that was fun and flirty and very wearable.
Except for the shoes.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dooney & Bourke Teams Up With Disney!

I don't know much about the collaboration because it hasn't been officially announced but certain high-end locations on the Disney property are carrying a limited edition collection of Dooney & Bourke for Disney.
Rumor has it that the three locations on property are almost entirely sold out of all three styles and most likely won't be getting another shipment- but you can still get in on the action by calling the Disney Merchandise number: 1-407-363-6200
I felt that I graduated from the world of Dooney & Bourke and Coach when I graduated from high school but my Disney obsession is so huge that I'm almost lured by the adorable pattern!
If you are as drawn to the bags as I am you can call or you can check out the Disney Parks-so far they are unavailable online!

$45 for the wristlette
$150 for the smaller bag with the crossbody strap
$175 for the larger tote

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