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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shoes I'm Obsessed With...

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The moment I saw these $4150 Manolo Blahnik's in the July Vogue I fell in love!
You don't even need clothing with those shoes- I'd wear them & nothing else!
According to Vogue they're available at Bergdorf's but I couldn't find them!

Of course even if I did find them I couldn't afford to buy them anyway!
So what other shoes am I (realistically) obsessing over?
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They're a little intense but these zebra-printed wedges by Chinese Laundry are actually fairly versatile. The black and white print means that they are neutral enough to go with pretty much any outfit you can think up! And at only $69 you don't have to feel too bad if the love affair doesn't work out.

Now if you love animal prints enough to spend at least $860 you can try to find the much sought-after Alexander Wang Alla wedges...

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But don't hold your breath--they're pretty much sold out everywhere. And by the time you actually find a pair they might be :gasp: so last season.

The other drool-worthy shoes I spotted in Vogue this month are these green Pour La Victoire wedges. I'm not sure how I'd wear them but I do think they're lovely.

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If the green is too intense but you like the style don't worry! They come in a wide variety of colors everything from white to black to yellow.

And for the sensible, comfort-loving girl I am deep down (really deep down)...
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Yep. I'm craving a pair of simple, white canvas Keds.
I know! You think I'm crazy! But they're my three Cs: Crisp, Clean, and Classic.

What shoes are you dreaming of for summer?


La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix said...

Cute post! I really like those green shoes. Of course I'm dying over the leopard print Alex Wang's. ;)

A Stylized Hysteria said...

I love the Chinese Laundry pair- I'd love them even more in leopard! I heard so many people hating on the Alex Wang pair, I'm glad to find someone else who finds them gorgeous!!

rhiannon.eden.victoria said...

really love those Pour la Victoire wedges!! On my wish list!

Erin Cathleen said...

Oooh shoes! Those red pumps are so perfectly retro. I'm loving the green, too... can't go wrong with some crazy bright heels!

I am seeking the perfect pair of versatile nude or blush-colored pumps... they're one style go-to I still need badly in my wardrobe! If you know of any good ones, I'm all ears. ^_^

la petite fashionista said...

ah so many lust-worthy pairs! I'm liking the mule style heels, though i'm waiting for them to hit mainstream stores!


keds are awesome, so are the other shoes, so good! come follow me

Style Moments said...

Love the retro look!


Martini said...

For summer, all I wanted was a pair of Ben Simon's or Converses. The Gap was having a sale, so I bagged myself a pair of $20 converses, and there you have it.

kyley said...

oh my goodness, i love those green shoes SO MUCH.

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