If you were a glamorous IT girl in 1920s Paris JPG’s fall/winter 2010 haute couture collection would be your ultimate dream wardrobe. It was certainly Dita Von Teese’s idea of heaven- she even graced the runway twice! I’m sure that Lady Gaga has already placed an order for all of that insane head wear!
For me this collection was just IT for haute couture this season. Yes, it has a lot of black but it was also exquisite, classic, Parisian, chic, sexy and perfect.
I have nothing bad to say…I’m too busy drooling!
Thanks to Now Fashion for the pictures!
Click the thumbnails for a better look!
FYI: I had written a really amazing review for this collection. I saved multiple drafts as I was writing. Unfortunately, I saved them to blogger and when I went to “publish” I got an “error” message. This is probably only the second time this has happened in the three years I’ve been using it but I’m still pissed off.




  1. I've been working on a research paper on Minoan fashion and so many of the recent seasons of haute couture have amazingly similar elements to the pre-Hellenic dress.

    I find it so incredible how such futuristic clothing can incorporate such ancient aspects (not to mention the 1920s vibe going on!).

    And like a previous comment, I can definitely picture Lady Gaga in these clothes.

    Absolutely love the outfit with the red leggings. Such a pop of colour.

    Enough rambling–love the blog. Glad I stumbled across it.

    xx AEM

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